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  • My Story

    It was in November 2003. At that time, I was not really into spirituality, energy or frequencies. But I did have some life questions.
    - Who am I?
    - And what is the reason of everything?
    - What is the purpose of my life?
    - And will everything end when I die?
    - Has everything been for nothing then?
    I got an invitation for a special meditation on the night of 8 and 9 November of that year. I thought: there is no harm in trying. Lets try joining a special meditation. After that, strange things happened...

  • Energies of February - Direction

    Creating purely means living from moment to moment. The past is gone and cannot be changed. There is only NOW. So now is the time to determine your own course through life. Make this choice now and know that anything is possible. Do not immediately try to establish an ultimate objective, but follow the wishes of your heart. It may be that you become intensely happy with something, but cannot connect it directly to a situation or a wish. In that way you’ll keep waiting, but waiting will not take you anywhere. Do not postpone your journey any longer; just start walking. Along the way there are enough opportunities to change your direction, but right now you have to launch yourself from the starting blocks.

    The frequency of Direction helps you to realise that you are your own travel guide and that you can choose which direction you want to go, whenever and wherever that may be.

Janosh Live Webcast: Grand Cross

Interesting times are coming. A great cosmic happening, which is called the Grand Cross, is approaching and will have a lot of influence on the energy around earth. People are predicting a total solar eclipse in the northern Atlantic Ocean on or around 21st March 2015. In the time approaching this eclipse, great planetary influences await us. Together we are going to go through a huge transformation that is meant to cleanse us from our karmic past.

On the day before the eclipse Janosh will organize a live webcast with the activation Self Healing. Read more…

Большой Крест | Активация в Риге

21 марта в Латвии состоится мини-семинар, который будет проходить под знаком Большого Креста. Во время этого космического события планеты находятся в уравновешенном состоянии, т. е. формируют точный квадрат, как это происходит с планетами Уран и Плутон. Его сопровождает затмение солнца, которое сильно влияет на энергетическое поле Земли.

Прогнозируются большие изменения, как следствие трансформационного “вихря”, которые помогут нам освободиться от нашего кармического прошлого. Чтобы усилить эту энергетическую чистку, мы поделимся активацией Яноша Самоисцеление.

Read more…

Energies of the week – Element

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Natural Time

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