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Pray for peace

No words, no thoughts, no politics, no meaning, senseless violence, innocent victims, no conviction or beliefs, just love that is all each and every person needs, unconditional love, help one another to bring heaven back to earth!

Set the intention and connect with one another across the globe. Share with as many people as possible, family, friends, colleagues etc etc.

Free Webinar “Unity Consciousness”

On Wednesday  December, 17 you are free to join us for a live activation. In a few steps Janosh will prepare you for a session with the frequency of Unity Consciousness. Enjoy the theme, the music, the energy and if you wish, you can ask Janosh questions afterwards.


Webinar is free and you don’t need to register.

Time: Moscow (GMT+3): local time 22.30
Latvia-Estonia-Lithuania (GMT+2): local time 21.30

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Energies of the week – Unity Consciousness

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Activation: Cycle (RUS)

Each revolution leads to the next experience, which will start once you dare to let go of the old.

Please remember that letting go is not the same as losing something. Letting go is receiving. Wipe the slate clean so to speak and by doing so you will make room for something new.

Activation Cycle helps you to break through the vicious circle in order for you to start completely anew.