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Внимание! Активации и медитации Яноша доступны через мобильное приложение на

Activation: Cycle (RUS)

Each revolution leads to the next experience, which will start once you dare to let go of the old.

Please remember that letting go is not the same as losing something. Letting go is receiving. Wipe the slate clean so to speak and by doing so you will make room for something new.

Activation Cycle helps you to break through the vicious circle in order for you to start completely anew.

Meditation: Passion

Know that you are able to create anything you want. You determine what your future will look like. You can turn your dream into reality when you create it from passion, without fear and most of all from the heart. The frequency of Passion will help you to reach that passion and realize that you are capable of anything when it’s done with passion. Read more…