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Detachment is the frequency that I would like to share with you this week. For myself, I sometimes find it difficult to make contact with this frequency. Detachment can be exciting, but also a bit scary, because when you really release something, it’s never coming back. You are cutting it out of your system. But if you have the feeling that you aren’t going anywhere in your life, it’s important that you immediately distance yourself from what makes you feel safe. In other words: dare to release. New doors will only open if you are willing to close the old ones. That’s the way it works, even though sometimes it can be scary. Read more…


We are often addicted to limited behaviour. We have difficulty in letting things go, because they give us feelings of safety and security. After all, we know the patterns through and through so we always know exactly where we are. Addiction to drama and continually being in the same kind of processes are convincing us that we are alive and something is happening. Read more…