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Activation: Connection with HigherSelf (RUS)

Have you ever wondered why you are never completely yourself? Why is it, that every situation requires a different role? It can be quite tiring if the outside world requires you to be someone you’d rather not be, but above all it is frustrating when in the meantime you try hard to discover who you are. Please realise that this is where you lose a lot of energy. To fluctuate between two worlds makes you indecisive and susceptible for external influences. Stop, listen and take a look at yourself. Who you are, is less relevant than knowing who you are not! All qualities you have received as a human being, are part of a mask; name, descent, character, etc. You don’t need to rid yourself of these, as long as you understand why you wear this mask. It is the protection you need in order to function in this world. However, make sure your mask doesn’t blind you, but remember that you, an all-knowing soul, are behind the mask.


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Pray for peace

Help! We need to pray for love NOW.
No words, no thoughts, no politics, no meaning, senseless violence, innocent victims, no conviction or beliefs, just love that is all each and every person needs, unconditional love, help one another to bring heaven back to earth!

Let’s all pray together for love every 7 hours, set the intention and connect with one another across the globe. Do this for one week. Share with as many people as possible, family, friends, colleagues etc etc.

New Code – Satisfaction

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