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New Code – Vulnerability

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Energies of the week – Sexuality

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Free Webinar “Self-Esteem” (Dutch)

On Wednesday  August, 27 you are free to join us for a live activation. In a few steps Janosh will prepare you for a session with the frequency of Self-Esteem. Enjoy the theme, the music, the energy and if you wish, you can ask Janosh questions afterwards.


Webinar is free and you don’t need to register.

Time: Moscow (GMT+4): local time 22.30
Latvia-Estonia-Lithuania (GMT+3): local time 21.30

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Energies of the week – Self-esteem

Every week a different frequency will be made available to you, each with a meaning. By tuning in, you can activate that part in yourself that is connected to this. Take a few deep breaths, focus on the centre and feel what it does with you.  Read more…