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Sense of Security

Feeling secure is priceless and something that will sustain us for a lifetime. We look for it in others; the network of your friends, family and relationships offer a guaranteed safety net, making you feel secure. However, if we set ourselves too many boundaries, we often disregard ourselves. Even if we feel that certain relationships cost us a lot of effort, we are still prepared to submit to the wishes of others. Read more…


You have a huge desire to do something for yourself, but you wait. You hesitate. Even though everything is present to go for it, you feel that there is something missing to take action. It is just as if you haven’t found the right button to be able to start. This subtle feeling that something is missing, can be annoying, but is absolutely not negative. Read more…


This activation will bring out the best in you. In only a few minutes you will reach a state of being that normally would take hours of meditation. In the movie the hologram is built up from layers and by focussing on the middle both sides of the brain will be re-balanced. It will clear your mind and give you a huge energetic boost! You find it in the app.

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