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Dear Members of Gaia’s Planetary Ascension Team,

We, the Arcturians, proudly declare that every one of you is NOW called upon to fully awaken to the consciousness, power, wisdom and unconditional love of your Lightbody. Here in the Crystal Temple, you can clearly see that your true form is a magnificent body of light, while still being aware of your physical form in the third dimension. However, the YOU in the lower worlds may still be under the illusion that your true SELF is limited to your physical form.

We are joyous to tell you that the time has come for you to shed your third dimensional cocoon and emerge as the multidimensional “butterfly” that you have always been. To facilitate this transformation, we ask each of you here in the Crystal Temple to become fully aware of yourself as Lightbody. Take a long moment to feel the light that radiates from your core to create a space vessel for your vast Multidimensional SELF. It is this Lightbody Vessel that shall carry you on your myriad inter-dimensional journeys.

Now, we ask you to take an equally long moment to be fully aware of your reality on Earth. By taking this journey through our Corridor, you have created the parallel realities of your physical life and your life in the Corridor. Both of these realities are real and both are happening simultaneously. In one reality you are here in the Crystal Temple living in the form of Lightbody, and at the same time, you are on third dimensional Earth living in the form of a human body.

Here, on the threshold of the fifth dimension, you are free of the polarities of separation, as well as the limitations of your physical reality. Hence, your perceptions have expanded to experience more than one reality at a time.

From the perspective of the Crystal Temple, please take a long moment to again observe your magnificent Lightbody

Now, look down into your earth self to observe your physical body

Experience your Lightbody while you simultaneously experience your physical body

The higher dimensions can easily perceive the lower, but the lower dimensions usually cannot perceive the higher. However, if you can establish a constant link between your reality here in the fifth dimensional Crystal Temple and your parallel reality on third dimensional Earth, you can awaken your human self’s ability to perceive the higher dimensions.

Furthermore, once this link is established, the fifth dimensional YOU can constantly transmit Lightbody consciousness into the awareness of the YOU that is grounded on Gaia. To begin this process, send your fifth dimensional creative powers into your physical self’s dreams, breathe your unconditional love into your physical heart and infuse your human mind with the wisdom and knowing of your multidimensional Lightbody. It is time NOW for your human self to AWAKEN.

Your physical planet, country, family, and, in fact, your entire physical reality needs the YOU in your 3D reality to activate your seed of Lightbody and become your highest expression of SELF in daily life. Since Gaia is now traveling through the narrows into the higher frequency expression of Her SELF, She calls upon the earth-bound stewards of Her land and sea to assist Her by awakening to their highest expression of SELF, as well.

Dear Lightbodies, please tell your parallel, grounded self that there is to be NO more hiding of your wisdom, power, love and immense creativity. During your incarnations in the long night of the last two thousand years, the Kali Yuga, your light had to be hidden, as revealing your true SELF would have been hazardous to your health. As Gaia, Her Solar System and Her Galaxy cycles back to the Galactic Center, this era of fear and domination is coming to a close.

Your grounded self who is living just a few years before the great Cosmic Breath of the Galactic Center in 2012, is the treasure in which your Soul has accumulated all the lessons of all the realities you have ever experienced on third dimensional Earth. As the YOU in your grounded parallel reality transmutes fear from these many realities into the opposite polarity of love, much of Gaia’s ancient fear will also transmute into unconditional love. In this manner, both person and planet can awaken to Lightbody, together!

Through the many centuries of your world, the concept of Lightbody has appeared in many cultures and called many names. Taoism calls it “Diamond Body” and “Jade Body.” The Kabala calls it the “Merkabah,” and Tantra has calls it “Adamantine Body.” Christianity calls it the “Glorified Body,” and the Catholics use the term “Holy Flesh.” The Vedanta calls your body of light the “Superconductive Body,” and the term “Supercelestial Body” is used in Sufism. Neo-Platonism uses the term “Radiant Body,” whereas Hermeticism uses the name “Immortal Body.” Kriya Yoga use the term “Body of Bliss,” and the Emerald Tablets uses the name “Golden Body.” The term “Lightbody” come from the Tibetan Buddhists.

As you can see, the concept of consciousness in the form of a body of light has been alive in the memory of spiritual seekers and leaders for millennia. Because the potential for this body is deep within your genetic memory, you can more easily embrace this Lightbody form as a housing for your consciousness.

Most important, this potential is deep within what has incorrectly been labeled as your “junk DNA.” Your junk DNA, which is 97% of your human DNA, is the hard drive for the activation of your Lightbody while you are still grounded in your third dimensional earth vessel. As you continue your journey through the Corridor, you will learn how the Galactic Breath of 2012 can activate this junk DNA’s hard drive. For NOW, we will prepare you to consciously accept and participate in this great cosmic moment.


From the viewpoint of the YOU in the Crystal Temple, look again into the YOU on Earth

Look deep, deep into your physical heart to see your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love

As you look into the ATMA within the heart of your physical vessel, use the multidimensional breath of your Lightbody SELF to breathe into your earth vessel’s Three Fold Flame

With your first breath
Awaken the innate WISDOM of your human self

With your second breath
Awaken the innate POWER of your human self

With your third breath
Awaken the innate LOVE of your human self

Hidden deep within the Flame of your earth body’s ATMA is the seed of your Lightbody. This seed can be visualized as your Inner Merkaba.

From the viewpoint of the Crystal Temple, see the Merkaba inside the ATMA of your physical heart


To begin the activation of your Lightbody in your third dimensional life, use the multidimensional breath of the Lightbody YOU to awaken the inner Merkaba of the parallel, grounded YOU

From your Lightbody SELF:
With your first breath
Expand your human Wisdom to encompass the Infinite Wisdom of your multidimensional Lightbody

With your second breath
Expand your human Power to encompass the Creative Power of your multidimensional Lightbody

With your third breath
Expand your human Love to encompass the Unconditional Love of your multidimensional Lightbody


To expand your grounded self’s inner Merkaba, breathe again from your Lightbody into your human ATMA

With your first breath from Lightbody
Expand the grounded one’s Merkaba beyond your physical heart and around your physical body

With your second breath from Lightbody
Expand your grounded one’s Merkaba above your physical head

With your third breath from Lightbody
Expand your grounded one’s Merkaba beneath your physical feet

Now, instead of the Merkaba being within your grounded self,
Your grounded self is within your Merkaba

Although the Merkaba will be invisible to many on the physical plane, your awakening grounded one’s expanded perceptions can easily experience the body of light as it guides and protects you in your daily life.

Dear one in the Crystal Temple, please remember to be patient with your human self for in that reality you face great challenges. Lovingly tell your grounded self to forget what others say about what to do or who to be. Lovingly remind your human self to fully attend to YOU in the fifth dimension.

In closing, we the Arcturians would like to speak directly to your grounded earth vessels. Dear grounded one, we commend you for your immense courage during this time of vast personal and planetary transformation. Please, take a moment now to activate your Lightbody from the perspective of your physical self.


Take long, slow, deep breaths to search your consciousness for any resentment you have against any person, place or situation

Breathe into that resentment to transmute it into compassion and thanksgiving for the lesson learned

With old resentments transmuted into compassion and gratitude
Breathe into your inner ATMA, which has now become multidimensional

KNOW your Infinite WISDOM and
Breathe it out into your daily reality

BE your Creative POWER and
Breathe it out into your daily reality

FEEL your Unconditional LOVE and
Breathe it out into your daily reality


Inside your blazing ATMA, see your inner Merkaba, the seed of your Lightbody.

With the power of your intention,

Expand your Merkaba above your head
Expand your Merkaba below your feet
Expand your Merkaba in front, behind, and all around you

FEEL your Merkaba, your awakening Lightbody above, below and around you as you walk through your daily life

With the activation of your Merkaba, the seed of your Lightbody, you will likely experience some symptoms of transformation such as a feeling of increased heat within and radiating from your body. This is due to the rising frequency of your physical resonance. You may, also, have extremely vivid dreams of a different reality that you can’t quite remember. You could become easily fatigued by the mandatory actions of mundane life, and prefer to look up into the sky, or into a beautiful flower, be in nature, sing, dance and/or express your growing creativity.

The best remedy for these symptoms is to fully accept the multidimensional light sent from your Lightbody SELF and shine it into your every emotion, thought and action. Wear your inner Wisdom, Power and Love as a new set of clothes and proudly emanate the glory of your expanding Lightbody. Stand tall in the knowing of your true SELF. Place any “unsolved problems” into our Corridor to free them of fear. They will then be returned to you as issues, which you BELIEVE you can resolve.

We want to thank you for joining us in our “dress rehearsal for 2012,” and remind you that you are PERFECT, right NOW, exactly the way you are. Every fear, sorrow, anger and joy that you have felt has made you who you are today. Unconditionally love all that you are now and all that you have been. It is the power of this unconditional acceptance of who you are NOW that will allow you to change.

We await you in the Corridor,
The Arcturians

(PS: Please take one or more Earth days to integrate your process into both your personal and planetary bodies. In this manner, you share your experiences with Gaia, to assist in planetary ascension, and allow Gaia to amplify your process with Her great love and compassion.)

Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor continues.
Please stay with on our inter-dimensional journey.

I will see you in the Corridor,



Классно почувствовать себя в 2-х измерениях!

Елена Бушуева

Благодарю!!!!!!!!!! Все прочувствовала, все получилось!!!!!

Марина Жебрякова

Я только что с Аркаима. Мы делали это там на горах! Благодарю!


Роскошные состояния получилось прожить. Искренне – благодарю. Очень помогла в этом и музыка. Может кто-то подсказать – ЧТО то за произведение?


Яркие впечатления увиденного и прочувствованного не покидают меня!
Мне комфортно и радостно! Благодарю! С Любовью от сердца к сердцу.

роза тоже



Огромная благодарность всем, кто помогает нам привносить высшую мудрость в нашу жизнь.


Очень признательна за такие восхитительные ощущения!


Благодарю!Как будто я вернулась с дома или вернее он есть со мной!!!



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