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We must be aware that momentum born of old habits and destructive behaviors might be momentum, but it’s momentum slammed into reverse.

Bad habits can jeopardize your health, waste your energy and time, prevent you from accomplishing your goals, and interrupt your life. While most people would agree that these habits are bad, they still do them. But the situation is not hopeless.
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Reunite with your forgotten power! Access your hidden and undiscovered skills, gifts, and abilities. Transform your life back to literally live in your own Heaven on Earth.
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You are looking for your own truth, but you just can’t get to it. It is just as if you are not digging deep enough to discover the treasures within. When you try to identify where your passion lies, you get caught in a distracting web of thinking patterns.
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It’s time to take control over your mind and your life. To Ignite your inner fire, passion and power.
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Christ Consciousness

A new energy has begun and will reign in the coming times. Those who are open will feel carried and brought towards the light. They experience the return of their being in its authentic form, or in other words: the rebirth of the soul.
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Frequency: Mastership | Mastery

All the fears and phobias that we know can lead back the six primary basic fears: rejection, illness, poverty, solitude, growing older and death. In the recognition and transcending of these fears lies the key to mastership.
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You are in a process of change and authenticity is the solution. You are challenged to make contact with who you really are and this demands that you have to let go of prevailing opinions. This can be a difficult process, because in the energy of duality and competition we are constantly focused on others.
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After the deeper recovery of our soul, we will remember everything.

To recover from the illusion we need to find, learn, understand or achieve something. After the deeper recovery of our soul, we will remember everything.
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You have taken decisions that you don’t entirely agree with anymore. What felt good begins to become more doubtful. You ask yourself if you are on the right path, even though you cannot exactly describe why you feel this. Listen to this feeling before you take new steps.
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Source Code

The architecture of everything in nature and the cosmos, so that every element connects, so that we can derive our consciousness.

This frequency allows you to make contact with the Source, which provides healing and the memory of your ultimate creation in life.
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It is important to remember that whatever thoughts and feelings you have, that is what you are creating and attracting.
It is crucial at this moment in time that regardless of the thought and feeling you may have, it will determine what you will attract. Be aware, the magic is getting stronger and faster in our Universe.
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