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We are approaching the outcome of a universal leap in consciousness. It is this wave, which started the process towards our initiation, that will eventually lead to a turnaround towards unity consciousness. You will experience energies in the time to come, which will initiate you into your natural strength. You will remember who you really are and why you are here on Earth at this time.
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You climb to a level of consciousness, beyond the limits of intellect. Your sensitivity grows from incentives from outside: energies, symbols, instructions, inspirations, and emotions from others. It’s feels as if your senses are sharpened enabling you to see the reality even more clearly. With this sensitivity also comes responsibility, because you can grasp situations quicker than others, prepare for incidents and anticipate opposing powers.
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Solving the inner struggle between a human and a soul by allowing desires to merge with one another. The need for safety and security which typifies a human, may go together with the thirst for adventure of the soul.
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The way the blue ocean water is the reflection of the sky, your actions are the reflection of thoughts. It’s the frequency that helps to see just how much you have accomplished or what you need to work on. It’s creates the best version of yourself in life.
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Raise your vibration and all that is not in alignment will naturally leave your life. Transmute what no longer serves a purpose.
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Love attraction

Fear makes you hostage, love sets you free!
Who feel aligned with love will understands the bigger picture, the new expansion, the new way of finding the balance of co-creation with loving wisdom.
Love lead to comprehends collective trends, and understands how to proceed with ease and grace.
Fill yourself with love today taking a break from scarcity mindset and go back to ride inside to your soul.
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Inner wisdom

We want answers, we want to know and understand everything. We want to know who we are, what is the reason for our existence, etc. This is a masculine frequency. The perfume of the feminine frequency, says: YOU ONLY HAVE TO REMEMBER IT. Activate your Inner Wisdom.
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Everything we need in life on Earth has been created for us in abundance. We often have difficulty accepting this, because we are prone to think in terms of lack. We cling onto the idea of security because we are afraid of having nothing. Energy is everywhere and everlasting. Do not restrict yourself by thinking too small, because with the proper intentions everything is possible. You just need to believe.
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Reunite with your forgotten power! Access your hidden and undiscovered skills, gifts, and abilities. Transform your life back to literally live in your own Heaven on Earth.
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Inner Freedom

Every week we share a frequency with you that accelerates your personal and spiritual growth. It also helps you to make a deep connection with the collective consciousness. We believe in the power of joining as one and the fact that on subconscious level we are all inter-connected. Therefore, align yourself with the Frequency of the Week and feel how you are being carried by the dominant energy of the moment.
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Breath through the Earth.

Ask yourself:
What is your greatest desire?
What is missing in your life?
What is your greatest talent?

When you have the answer, take a deep breath through the Earth. Ground it, Live it, Dream it and Allow it.
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