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Card III – The Recipient with its emotion Integrate

What this card is telling you:

This card tells you much about what is coming your way. Yet, with the Tetrahedron (see below for explanation) on the back of this card you will receive no presents, but mostly heavy lessons. Often the challenges in your life are not simple… That has to do with receiving life lessons, which are not applicable to you. You are a sensitive person and the emotions of others are also entering you, and therefore you are mixing them up with those of yourself, so that you are bearing the heavy weight of many lessons for others on your shoulders. Read more…

Card II – The Tester with its emotion Repetition

What this card is telling you:

This card tells you that you are always searching for your boundaries, but at the same time you go around your own ‘blind spots’. You involve ‘insights’ not on yourself but to someone else. Involuntarily you are once again testing your own boundaries but all the time you are looking outwards and still ask yourself how the outside world would think about you and how others look at you. So, a vicious circle… Read more…

Card I – The Defender with the emotion Persistent

What this card is telling you:

This card indicates that if for instance during a conversation when sensitive subjects arise, you quickly feel used. Everything that is said you take literally to heart. You start to defend yourself because you think the criticism is aimed at you. You are afraid to be rejected.

Read more…