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Janosh column “Your memory”

Those of you who know my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden information within yourself. Every code contains information of a certain frequency, or to be more specific, a vibrational energy which resonates with our senses. In my columns, connected to the latest codes, I describe my experience connected to these frequencies. Every month I take on a code that is most prominent at the time and I share my opinion on our development within this theme.

Your memory

The summer is announcing itself and for a lot of people that means a rest break. Maybe you have already planned a holiday or you may just be looking forward to a few weeks off work. Just leave everything for what it is and have a breather, which may be necessary to help you charge up for the second half of the year. However, the question is whether rest can be experienced in this day and age, at least in our surroundings. So much is happening around us and the attention for this drama is getting bigger and bigger.

The media reports on anxious developments. The earthquake in Northern Italy was a new shock to deal with and one would almost start to wonder how safe we really are. The hardship was great when we witnessed the people suffering in Haïti and Japan, but now we see that it also affects Europe, it hits close to home. Are we protected against the drama that happens to others or do we have to prepare for the worst? When you see the images, you would want to close your eyes and pretend the world doesn’t exist – sail away in your mind, on a wave of silence, far away from busy crowds. But you are not worry free when you are on your own either. High earth frequencies are triggering an inner struggle, whereby certain emotions come to the surface more and more.

Contact with each other

As far as I am concerned, I am really ready to forget everything, because so much has happened the last month. I went from high to low; experiences of deep poignancy to brutal confrontation. The duality took me to great extremes, taking me from cheerfulness to despair. When I am experiencing unconditional love, I can deal with the entire world, but I also feel I have become dependent on it – I don’t want to settle for less. I have started to notice more and more that rejection from the outside world gets bigger, the more I become empowered. It is as if others hold a grudge; they react hostile towards me when I am feeling good and speaking from the heart. I would love to turn my back onto them, but something inside me is asking me to help these people. I want to let them feel what I feel, knowing that we are all longing for the love that connects us with each other.

That is some kind of statement when you see how passive we are in our moments of contact. Just think about how many times you ask someone how they are whilst hardly making eye contact. That there are just a few people you can tell you love them, truly, from the heart, without feeling uncomfortable when looking each other in the eyes. This brings me to the question why we have so much trouble to really connect with each other. How is it possible we have so much love inside of us, but not being able to express it?

Surrounded by an illusion

In my previous column I shared a vulnerable piece of my life. It was a digression of my own story, to which I received some lovely reactions. I was faced with the question: “how can we start up the frequency of love together”? In my experience unconditional love is not something to search for but just something to remember, to know that as children we were able to allow that feeling. Now we are grown up and it’s all much more complicated. Why?

In the run-up to my last presentation “the last jump”, I conceived the truth. I was shocked how different the outside world seemed, because it is as liberating as it is confronting when you suddenly open your eyes to reality. What I have been told is that we are all being surrounded by one big illusion. Everything around you is just a projection; the streets you are walking on, the shops you are visiting, the things you buy, the house you live in. They are all parts of a play, meant to provide us with certain necessities. No more, no less. The biggest need of a human being however, is nothing materialistic; it is love. It is our natural frequency, the way to get in touch with our source, assuming we are all only here temporarily.

The hard truth is that throughout the centuries we have not only forgotten where we came from, we also haven’t been able to establish our own needs. Subconsciously we search for love and recognition, but we look for it in a world that does not supply this. This is why our current lives are based on an urge to perform; where it seems important what we do and how others react to it. Every confirmation that we do well, we take to heart. Every form of criticism throws us off balance and lures us to defend ourselves. We often like to say something about someone else, so that we can be saved from rejection. It provides us with a powerful feeling to be able to criticize, but if our dignity gets tarnished, we feel like a failure. That is how we compete with each other energetically. We want to be special, so we draw our energy out of surpassing other people.

The truth of a soul

The jump towards a higher consciousness is a new way of perceiving. I don’t mean seeing a new phenomena, but a different interpretation of the existing world. When you remember who you are, everything gets a different meaning. This is precisely what most of us are struggling with; letting go of what we have become so attached to. We consider the 3D world to be our home, whilst we are not from here. We are fascinated by the extraterrestrial, whilst we ourselves are extraterrestrial. Ego has disrupted our revolution, which is why we are no longer able to use our true power. This isn’t something of today, because the process has been going on for centuries, although we are getting closer to the rediscovery of life.

On 20 May I shared my information in a new way. I let my soul do the talking, telling about its’ experiences on Earth. In my eyes this story is too wonderful to just use once, so I have decided to keep this column short and end as follows: I encourage you to walk to the mirror after you have read this and look yourself deep into the eyes, to see that you carry your own truth within you. Then observe your surroundings and remember who you are. See that they are the same as you. The truth is not a religion or a science, but a simple memory that is hiding inside of you.

Story of a soul:

”Once Earth was my playing field. Now and then I descended to gain experiences that I couldn’t get here. I wanted to know what it was like to experience duality and figure this out during a life. Every time I said goodbye to my own family, I was lovingly accepted into a new one. I was surrounded by love and it felt like home. I loved the game, because there was always something new to discover. I kept in touch with home: I only had to feel love and there it was. In the eyes of others I saw my own family and I loved everyone. We remembered our gift to create whatever we wanted and quietly followed the rhythm of nature.

Now the game is much more complicated. Every time I want to jump I am scared to get lost and that I won’t be able to remember how to get back home anymore. When I descend I don’t see my family anymore. Their eyes seem to have a protective layer I cannot get past. Still I am longing for the love that takes me home now and then. That longing is so strong, that I have started searching for other ways to get back in touch with my family, but it doesn’t work, no matter how hard I try.

It seems as if we are lost and we have forgotten the pleasure of our experience. I feel new emotions which are confusing me. On Earth they call it “fear”, “resistance” and “sorrow”. Although these are new experiences as well, I do not understand why they come around so often and why we are more attached to those emotions than we are to love. The game is no longer a game, but a mutual fight.

We begrudge each other the fun by depriving each other’s lives and sending each other home prematurely. Just a few are working out their plan during just one life, because we need a lot more these days.

I very much would like the balance to return. I wish someone would come and tell us that we are here to play. I would like to feel love again whilst I descend. I would like to see my family again when I am on Earth. I would like to be myself again and love everyone.””

Soul to soul,





Елизавета, Благодарю Вас и Яноша!!!
Замечательная статья, читаешь, а эмоции захлёстывают….и трогательно, и больно, и радостно!!!
Спасибо за размышление!!!

Марина Кузнецова

Удивительно, но каждый раз читая статьи Яноша, я обнаруживаю сходство мыслей и раздумья о разных события происходящих в жизни и планеты в целом. И наверно поэтом мне очень близко и понятно, то и как Янош делится своим восприятием и своим прожитым опытом. Это сразу чувствуется, что человек именно проживает каждое чувство и событие. Мы простые люди хотим, чего-то сверхъестественного, какого-то чуда, высокой энергии, контакта с цивилизациями и так далее, и постоянно находимся в ожидании чего-то восторженного. Вот- вот, вот-вот! Живем от события к событию, от встречи к встречи. И каждый раз ждем, что кто-то сейчас придет и скажет, что надо делать, и как лучше поступать. Все это “лажа”. ( извиняюсь за жаргон.) Живите сейчас, общайтесь с людьми, не ждите, а сами действуйте! Это и есть ваш рост, это и есть повышение вашей вибрации, даже если вы себе и позволите снизить ее. Знайте, это просто так надо, и вы сделали все правильно. Потому что если всегда находиться в одном состоянии, то невозможно получить весь спектр опыта на Земле, а мы пришли сюда именно за этим, за опытом, бесценным опытом. Смотрите, что происходит, даже когда нам хотят помочь великие силы, ангелы, сущности, и т д, дело в том, что они спускаются к нам понижая свою вибрацию. И что разве это плохо? Это опыт для них, и есть опыт для нас. Так что не чурайтесь. Все пришли сюда учиться разным урокам, вспоминать себя, искать любовь и семью. И это прикольная игра здесь на Земле!))) Марина Кузнецова, г.Москва

Людмила Путная (Коломар)

Благодарю.Как это важно быть самой собой и любить всех.

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