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Grand Cross # 4

Read update #4 about the Grand Cross (by astrologer Annette Kok)

It all began on the 24th June 2012. That was the first moment that Uranus and Pluto made an exact aspect with one another. Of course we all felt the tension building up over the months and even the years before, about the exact moment that these two planetary giants would aspect one another.

Update #4 (by Annette Kok)

Time for restoration

With the forthcoming cosmic events, the time has come for restoration. Let’s put the facts down on paper:

–  On the 17th March (03.53 hrs) we are going to see for the final and seventh time an exact square between the planets Uranus and Pluto. In the past few years we have seen six and this is the seventh and final aspect that will be formed between Uranus and Pluto. Uranus is 15 degrees 18 in Aries and Pluto 15 degrees 18 in Capricorn.

–  The square between these planets ensures transformation and restoration. With this aspect of generation the New Time is ushered in. This is the beginning of the revolution, thinking differently. Pluto resembles power, whilst his position is Capricorn is made even stronger. His position in the corner of Capricorn will bring misunderstandings to the surface and transform them. The key word is austerity. Uranus in Aries is the innovator and this is unpredictable and with his erratic behavior we can expect the most strange and sudden happenings to occur. These may be changes in climate influences and/or elements of nature, but also revolt and rebellion may occur. We want to free and heal ourselves.

–  The Spring Equinox occurs in the night of 20th – 21st March. During the Spring Equinox day and night is the same length.

–  On the 20th March at 10.46 hrs there is a New Moon. This will happen at the same time as a total solar eclipse. This happens astrologically on the last degree of the sign Pisces, which is in fact the final sign in the zodiac. A partial solar eclipse will be visible in The Netherlands and Belgium (about 80%).

–  The forthcoming Grand Cross on the 17th March at around 11.21 GMT will be formed because of the Noda in Libra and the position of the Ascendant, again in Cancer. This is often referred to as a Mill in astrology.

As a modern astrologer I calculate, compared to classic astrologers, points like the Node (Chiron etc) as well, because these are karmic points in the horoscope. Karmic points portray enormous possibilities for growth and self-development, but letting go of old patterns as well, family karma and generation karma. An entire country can also transform during a certain aspect. I often dare to take a controversial opinion into account, and I often irritate classically schooled astrologists by doing this. But at the same time I feel that astrology needs a modern touch, remembering that people used to believe that the earth was flat.

This is a quick summary:

In classic astrology people work with 7 planets, i.e. the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The sun is called a planet although in fact we know that the sun is a star.

In the modern astrology, planets that were discovered at a later date are taken into account as well. People are not entirely agree that said planets are asteroids or miniature planets or planets. During the discovery of Pluto the astrological term planet was agreed, but the name was withdrawn and Pluto was re-named a miniature planet. In the meantime the honor of Pluto has been restored and may call himself a planet again. Many old fashioned astrologists do not recognize Pluto at all in the birth horoscope, because planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have a very slow movement around the sun. In this way Pluto can remain in the same sign for a number of years. Many astrologists do not recognize Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because they belong to the part of a group of outer planets.  However, they are often referred to in generation aspects.

Controversial astrologers, of whom I consider myself to be one, find that the outer planets are of importance, just like the astrological points. Astrological points are points, which do not appear astrologically, but form more of a sort of heliocentric node axis with recognized astrological constellations. Despite the fact that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto belong to same generation and therefore have the same zodiac sign, I treat them individually in connection with the birth horoscope. Experiences in practice confirm my findings.

The Node or in others words the North or South Lunar Node receive a simple meaning in classical astrology, but aspects are hardly mentioned or discussed. Also aspects with Chiron are not drawn in the horoscope.

The Node is often referred to as our life path, the destiny. Chiron is the wounded healer within our horoscope. In mythology Chiron is a half god who was immortal, who was injured in his foot by an arrow and since then suffered unbearable pain. He exchanged his immortality by freeing Prometheus.

Taking the risk that the entire astrological world will disagree with me, I dare to say that aspects that are made, from and with these astrological points, and are in fact of enormous importance, because they are the portals that actually connect, but also free of us of our karmic past. That is why we feel, apart from the square between Uranus and Pluto, which has been taking place for years, that also other planets and astrological points are aligned, opposite or square to them, or in relation to the Mill or in other words the Grand Cross.

Online activation by Janosh

On the 20th of March 2015 (the day of the New Moon) Janosh will organize a webcast in which he will bring people in contact with the healing energy of the moment. The code Self Healing will be central and help you to go through this transformation process. The webcast will be in English and participation is free.

Date: 20th March 2015
Time: 23-00 (Moscow Time)

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