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Card II – The Tester with its emotion Repetition

What this card is telling you:

This card tells you that you are always searching for your boundaries, but at the same time you go around your own ‘blind spots’. You involve ‘insights’ not on yourself but to someone else. Involuntarily you are once again testing your own boundaries but all the time you are looking outwards and still ask yourself how the outside world would think about you and how others look at you. So, a vicious circle…

The Grail Code with this card:

The emotional significance of this card is: Repetition. No surprise, because you are still searching for your boundaries but you do not apply them to yourself. In this way you will always attract the same life lessons. Often you are wondering: “Why is everything repeating itself during my life?!” Each time a little bit different, but still; the same topic over and over again. The reason is that you are too are busy with your environment and do not extract lessons from the events in your life. It does not occur to you because you are looking for it outside yourself and so the energy is not directed toward yourself.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to self-reflect. If you are honest and dare to look critically at yourself, you can break down this flow and there will be no more need in repeat the lessons.