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Card IV – The Future with the emotion Expansion

What does this card tell you:

This card indicates that most of the time you live in the future and are not really grounded. On the one hand it feels very good to, for instance, be working with spirituality and the amplification of your consciousness. It broadens your awareness about who you are. But don’t forget the NOW-moment. Usually it will not be one big   decision or one single event that determines your future. More likely it is  a chain of small NOW-moments which are of great influence to people, situations and events that are attracting you. How do you feel NOW?

The Grail code with this card:

The emotional meaning of this card is Expansion. It is your pitfall that you are not quickly satisfied. In your experience there is always more, more, more! More info, more truths, more goals. However, do you ever take into account what you already have, what you really want from your heart, and what you need to go on? The card indicates that you are constantly seeking. But it is not always clear to you what you are looking for.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to mark time. Take some time to summarize and put some structure back into your life. Ask yourself regularly:

  • Where am I now?
  • How far did I come?
  • What is really my (heart) goal?

When you find the answers to these questions, then ask yourself what you really need to go on. Don’t let yourself be restricted by money. Maybe you are slowing down the creation process by only concentrating on that theme. Dismiss that intention when you feel the time is right and release it with confidence. Perhaps the universe directs a person or situation on your path, with which your dream can come true after all. Dare to let go of everything that has no purpose and no longer resonates with you. You cannot do everything that is not the idea either. Watch out for confusion!