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Card V: The Gambler with its Emotion Responsibility

What this card wants to tell you:

This card shows that everything you hear or experience you interpret as truth. You are gambling that it should be your truth as well. You do not follow your own intuition and your self-confidence is low. You think someone else often knows better. Therefore you are inclined to follow someone else’s truth, neglecting your own sentiment, your own processes. Your reactions are often naive and regularly you make decisions which keep you away from your own true goals.

The Grail code with this card:

The emotional meaning of this card is: Responsibility. This means that you do not dare to take up your own responsibility. Regularly you hide behind the emotion: ‘This always happens to me’. You victimize yourself. This is not a judgment but a pattern, which is keeping you from your true essence: who you are and where you are going with your life. When you draw this card, try to take some distance from not only the information that is coming to you, but also from how others are reacting and how they classify their lives. Ask yourself what would be your true essence.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to discover what really suits you. When you are looking at or reading information, just feel what resonates with you. Not everything needs to be your truth. Take some time to get it crystal-clear.  What feels good for ME?  Try to take your own responsibility for what you are sensing. You are not a victim of the circumstances, because you have chosen everything. If you become aware of that, then you will really be able to make changes. Follow your truth and trust in your own intuition. It might surprise you where you will end.