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Card VIII – The Battle with its emotion Compassion

What does this card tells you?

This card indicates that you are engaged in a battle with yourself. There are changes in the air and you feel restless. You have many doubts about what the right choice would be. You are afraid to make the wrong decision. Will you choose the way to the left or right? Instead of making a choice, you swing in the middle. You’re stuck. When you drew this card it tells you that in a way you’re not focused. This will make things all the more confusing.


The Grail Code with this card:

The emotional significance of this card is Compassion. In a way a beautiful emotion, for compassion means that inside you feel solidarity with people who are suffering. However, if your spirit is not in balance, this may also mean that your focus is too involved on the outside world. In this sense your opinions and views of the outside world have a major impact on your choices, so you do not make the right choices. You are ready to take everyone into account.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to respect everyone’s opinion but not make it your truth. Let the outside world be less of an influence on you. Feel what resounds in you and make choices on that basis. If you formed your own opinion, try not to judge others in their view or their behaviour. We are all looking for our own truth and have to deal with the struggle it brings. Consequently there is no ultimate truth. Have the courage to live your own truth and base your choices on that.