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Grail Codes. Card IX – The Fear with its emotion Dependence

What does this card tell you?

This card indicates that you are afraid of the unknown. You feel fear and are restless. Your emotions drive you to new opportunities, new possibilities. You are happy about this because you feel you want to make new steps and you are open to change. But even more important is the uncertainty – that voice in your head that says “What now?” It is contradictory, because the situation doesn’t feel good. The point is: you know this situation very well, you know how it feels. You know what you have, not what you will receive back instead.

The Grail Code with this card:

The emotional significance of this card is Dependence. Understandable, because if you are afraid of the unknown and (still) do not trust your own strength, it feels safe to be dependent. Depending on your work, your relationship and/or friendships you have. You are often guided by the truth of others. You don’t dare to let go of your work or relationships. Even though it feels bad because of the same emotion, you keep them because you know what you have. You are still dependent on it because it supposedly feels ‘safe’.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to turn off your mind and start feeling. Try to adopt an attitude of not knowing with your mind but knowing in your heart. You have your talents, which are like diamonds that glitter and patiently wait to be discovered. Try not to decide with your head what to DO, but choose from your heart what you want to BE. Let go in confidence. You’ll find solutions and answers which are magically revealed to you.

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