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Grail Codes. Card X – Pride with its Emotion Limitation

What does this card tell you?

Do you have difficulty with showing your vulnerability? That is what this card says. You don’t often show your sensitive side. People see a shell, which is different from what is happening within you. You rarely share your emotions, the result of fear of rejection, or being disapproved.

The Grail code with this card

The emotional significance of this card is: Limitation. By wearing a mask to the outside world and not spreading what really keeps you busy, you restrict yourself as it were. I see a picture in my mind´s eye of someone tied at the waist to a tree by an elastic cord. You want to go ahead, you feel your new route before you but as you start walking you are being pulled back. So, it is only logical that you will often feel restricted in your space of motion and freedom. You are not really going further even when you want to go on.

Your challenge with this card

This card wants to inspire you to pull off the mask, because that is your challenge. Dare to be vulnerable! Give yourself space and take your freedom. You are a unique and beautiful human being with special talents. Nobody can reject you but yourself. In fact we are all connected, we mirror each other. Others can learn from you as you can learn from them. Choose to free yourself in order to live the life you envisage for yourself.