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Grail Codes. The Actor with its Emotion Consequences

What does this card tell you?

This card wants to express that you are not sure who you really are. Somewhere you feel that you present yourself in a different way.  Like an actor who plays what is written in the script. The script is a symbol of the surroundings, which shaped you as well. This gives a vision of who you think you are, how you are, and what you want. You are not doing this consciously; it has to do with old programs or traumas. When you perceive or feel that this part is no longer truthful with the person you really want to be. Please realize that you are the playwright of your own script! Often you say: ‘I can’t do that,’ ‘I’m not ready yet,’ etc. This is being fed by a lower self-esteem, because you created a unique vision of who you are.

The Grail code with this card

The emotional significance of this card is Consequences. What you broadcast, you attract. So like a magnet you also attract people who fit with the part you are playing. Often you attract ‘mirrors’ and you are being hurt because the ‘actors’ you attract – your ‘equals’ so to speak – are those who also don’t dare to speak their truth.

Your challenge with this card

It is time to play the part that fits! Do you want to attract people who inspire you? Show who you really are, let go of all prejudices about yourself. Look in the mirror and feel. Feel who YOU are, what YOU want, and which path YOU choose to get closer to the goal you want to achieve in your ‘new’ or rather ‘true’ self.