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Crop circles – mystery or encryption?

In our quest for answers it seems as if we are being handed pieces of the puzzle here and there, for example in England. Every year people are witnessing unexplained phenomena. Peculiar shapes in all sorts of sizes have been discovered in the grain fields in the countryside, called crop circles. These are patterns in a crop of wheat, rapeseed, rice, etc. Sometimes they are simple. Other times they are complex. No one knows how they are made. What we do know is that they appear overnight.

The appearance of crop circles causes lively spiritual and scientific discussions. Skeptics are convinced that they are made by humans, while others believe that this is not possible. More than twenty years of research has produced no explanation; it has merely shown that many of the crop circles have mysterious characteristics. Much information is to be found on the subject, but it is much more interesting to look at what they mean. Many contain some type of code, known as geometry.

Our distant ancestors already had knowledge on this subject, like the Maya, Celts, Druids, Greeks and Egyptians. They considered it as a “language”, sacred to them, (Sacred Geometry) and used it during important initiations. An example are the mystery schools in ancient Egypt, where the teachings of geometry took 24 years – the first half for practical knowledge, the second half for energetic functioning.

What is it that makes geometry into something sacred? The patrons of Sacred Geometry hinted that the secret of creation is hidden in this ancient science.

To recognize Sacred Geometry in the Universe is seeing the blueprint of All That Is. This is based on the story that everything in the Universe is One, God himself. From the Unity Consciousness the illusion of separateness has been created in order for God himself to learn duality, an experience that could not happen without Division. This division would have occurred according to the golden ratio, the sacred ratio that applies to all phenomena in nature.

From this angle we can consider crop circles as a kind of encryption. They are pieces of a puzzle that can tell us about life. One could say that everything is geometry, including us humans. That is why crop circles are so fascinating, because it is known that in the presence of geometric shapes we experience feelings of recognition and comfort. It sometimes also gets translated into the feeling of “coming home”.

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