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Recording of Free Live Webinar | Activation Transfiguration

Due to the commotion surrounding the corona virus (and all the fear it has caused), Janosh gives an extra webinar with the new activation Transfiguration. This helps to open the energy channels in the body, so that fear emotions can be released. In this time of upheaval and crisis, you will remain stronger in your feelings and therefore ‘in the eye of the storm’.

Janosh Live Webinar (English spoken)
Activatie Transfiguration.
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Let’s connect with Self Love!

Thank you for tuning in to this month’s Webinar! On this page you can watch the online session with Janosh, with the Activation Self Love. This video was uploaded on Saturday 26 March 2016.


The webinar can be watched on any device (computer/tablet/phone). Just open this page in your browser. You can also watch it here.


If you enjoyed this Webinar, we would love to know about your experience. In the chat section below, you can leave comments.

(Русский) Запись открытого вебинара “Удовлетворение”

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(Русский) Запись открытого вебинара “Изобилие”

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(Русский) Запись открытого вебинара “Разъединение”

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Let’s connect with Love Activation!

Let’s connect worldwide and connect with the LOVE ACTIVATION webinar!

On the 14th February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day which is all about love. We express our feelings with a card or a present, but wouldn’t it be lovely to give something to yourself? Be your own Valentine this year during the Love Activation, a one off webinar to enrich your mind and body with love. We are going to do that with two live activations, which will be devoted to open your heart, in combination with exercises to allow the energy to flow through your entire body. Embrace this beautiful broadcast, allow all the cares and doubts to slip away and just enjoy yourself!

The journey to your heart

Love is everything we need. It is the energy that feeds us, that lifts us up, allows us to grow and that helps us to rise above the daily concerns. Love is what strengthens us to walk our challenging life path. We see it the best in people close to us, but not if we look in the mirror. Let Valentine’s Day 2017 be the door, which leads to more self-love and to find yourself on the other side in a state of complete peace, trust and unconditional love. Enroll for free in this one-off extended webinar with Janosh and take the journey with him to your heart.

What is an activation?

In each and everyone one of us hides an immeasurable power that enables us to create everything that we want. This sleeping consciousness lies buried beneath layers of fear, behavior and restraining beliefs, just waiting to be activated. The quickest way to achieve this is to make contact with Sacred Geometry (also known as the ‘Language of the Soul’). Janosh has developed a unique method, in which you focus on his holograms that are made up of geometrical patterns, built up and down layer by layer. It is a short session with colorful images and specially composed music, in which you quickly reach a state of Being which would normally have taken a long time to meditate. The activations are healing, inspiring and powerful. Previous knowledge or experience with meditation is not necessary.

Tuesday 14th February 2017 at 21.00 hrs (8pm GMT)

Feel free to join this webinar, in which we build a strong connection together and activate the best in ourselves. You can enroll through a registration page, after which you will receive more details. This webinar will be given in English.

Register for free:

(Русский) 22-25 апреля – Священный Ритрит: От Сексуальности до Любви к Cамому Cебе

Новые семинары Яноша в Киеве!

В марте 2016 года Янош снова приезжает в Киев с новой программой!

Многие из нас уже давно знакомы с кодами Яноша, кто-то недавно, кто-то уже проходит активации и применяет сакральную геометрию для более полноценной и качественной жизни, для раскрытия своего потенциала и знает как это работает.

Обладаешь ли ты сильной интуицией? Чувствителен ли ты к эмоциям других людей? Приходят ли к тебе часто ощущения того, что ты призван помочь кому-то преодолеть какие-либо препятствия? И хотел бы ты узнать, как это сделать лучше всего? Возьмёшь ли ты на себя смелость, чтобы быть самим собой? Осмелишься ли ты сказать, что чувствуешь? Решишься ли ты заявить о том, чего ты так страстно желаешь? Наберёшься ли ты духу, чтобы одарить себя любовью?

Добро пожаловать на уникальные семинары Яноша, которые навсегда изменят твою жизнь!

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Janosh Webinar: Protection

Janosh is getting back to his popular webinars. On Tuesday 15 December at 11 p.m. he will share his information about the frequency Protection. Feel free to join this webinar, in which you can enjoy the activation and connect with Janosh and other viewers through the chat. Read more…

Janosh Webinar (November 10, 2015) – Activation Pride

After a very long time Janosh is getting back to his popular webinars and on Tuesday 10 November he will share his information about the frequency Pride. Feel free to join this webinar, in which you can enjoy the activation and connect with Janosh and other viewers through the chat. Read more…

“Sacred Geometry by Janosh”. Meeting-presentations

Ancient Greek philosopher Plato would say: “Geometry leads the soul to the truth”. The same conclusion was made by Janosh when in 2003 he visualized numerous beautiful shapes and heard information about their meaning. Since then he has been traveling around the world demonstrating how Sacred Geometry works on the soul level.

Geometry is not the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of the soul. Geometry is rather associated with something rational and soulless. But only at first glance. Janosh calls geometry “the language of light”. Light is energy and everything in creation consists of energy. The Universe is built according to certain geometric laws that act on any level, take the stars in the sky or cells of our bodies.

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