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How often did you tell yourself: “I was almost there”?. You had the answers, the puzzle was complete and all of your hopes and desires were tuned into that one important moment. Everything was right, until the moment of truth itself. You had to take charge, but you didn’t. Something was holding you back to finish it, to seal the deal, but at the most crucial moment you saw yourself fail.

We all recognise it, but what  distinguishes us is the way we handle it. Please realise that winning and losing are two sides of the same coin and you determine which side you are focusing on.  It takes perseverance to achieve something, but at least as much courage to get back on your feet again after a setback.

So please realise that no one fails as long as he learns the lesson from his experience. Be proud of yourself and feel your strength! Be proud of the fact that you have tried it and convince yourself that the next time you will succeed.

The frequency of Victory gives you the strength to believe in yourself during important moments.

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Галина """"""""""
2013-11-19 13:37:48
Спасибо огромное!!!
наталья ятковская
2013-11-19 14:12:42
2013-11-21 12:08:18
2014-05-08 21:25:33
Янош , благодарю! Подъем и радость в Душе! С Любовью от сердца к сердцу.
2014-11-30 06:59:15