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Step 1 – Journey through the Arcturian Corridor

Many of the members of the ground crew have come from different Homeworlds (stars/planets of origin) to take an earth vessel in order to assist in this great cosmic moment of planetary ascension. Our Corridor provides a homing beam by which each member can re-connect with his or her multidimensional SELF. The Arcturian Corridor serves as a stargate, a distribution station, or control tower, such as you have in your airports. We are the hubs, the way station for all inter-dimensional explorers. All inter-dimensional voyagers travel through our vortex/corridor. The, they either stay here or move on to whichever star system is their final destination.

We the Arcturians wish to remind you that it is the clearing of your conscious and unconscious beliefs in limitation and separation that allows you to enter our Corridor and journey from the third dimension, through the fourth and fifth dimensions and into the sixth and seventh dimensions. Each time you enter our Corridor, whether your experience is conscious or unconscious, offers you a greater recognition, understanding, and integration of your true, multidimensional SELF. We, your Arcturian family, welcome your return HOME to the higher worlds, although in reality, you have never left, as your earth vessel is but a small portion of your great Multidimensional Being.

Since the re-calibration of the Corridor in 2002, more higher frequency light has been radiating onto your planet. This higher light has illuminated, and shall continue to illuminate, the hidden darkness within the core of your third dimensional reality. When the non-polarized, higher frequency light of the fifth dimension and beyond travels through our Corridor, it amplifies the space “in-between” the lightest light and the darkest dark. Once this “in-between” is illuminated, the trail between the light and dark is revealed, and the connection between the two extremes is made. In other words, the higher dimensional light beaming onto your third dimensional polarities will reveal that there is actually NO separation between them. This revelation will work to short-circuit the third dimensional matrix.

If you believe that you live only in the darkness, you are under the illusion that you are limited in your ability to expand the light. On the other hand, if you believe that you live only in the light, you are limited in your ability to ground your light to illuminate and heal your inner darkness. Our barrage of higher dimensional, non-polarized light will serve to expose all illusion of polarity and separation. Without the separation, there is ONLY Unity.

All polarized thinking, such as good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, rich vs. poor, is neutralized once this path in-between is revealed. The good will then realize that they are also bad, the right will realize that they are also wrong and the rich will realize that they are also poor, as well as the other way around. With the end of polarization, the concept of separation becomes extinct. All opposites, or edges of a spectrum of experience, will be united by the in-between so that you may realize that you are both of the opposites, as well as the entire spectrum.

Enjoy the release of your old beliefs in limitation, for if you experience being poor or wrong or bad, you can easily choose the experience of being rich or right or good. However, you must believe that you have that kind of power to release your belief in limitation, or you will not have it. Your thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious create your beliefs, and your beliefs create your reality.

With the end of the illusion of separation, your feelings of separation from your true, higher dimensional Lightbody will also be gone, and you will recognize that your Lightbody is an extension of your physical body, just as your fingers are an extension of your hand. The concepts of separation and limitation are only tricks, magical illusions, created by all of you so that you can play “The 3D Game of Separation and Illusion.”

Just as you have felt separated from your Higher SELF, you have also felt separated from your mryiad third dimensional, alternate and parallel realities that are scattered throughout the space/time continuum of your planet. It may appear that each of these realities is alone and separate from the others. However, any illumination gained in any life will contribute to your Soul’s clarification.

These many realities are like a huge ball of knotted yarn, and your Soul is the thread that ties these knots together. Each life is a different knot in the yarn that causes the flow of the Soul’s essential truth to be “tied up” in a third dimensional illusion. Each “knot” in the flow is another marker on the 3D game board.

At first there are many knots, and you struggle to use the yarn for your spiritual creativity, but it is too tangled and restrained. However, as each knot is untangled, another reality in the 3D game is cleared of limitations and separations, and the Soul’s flow is less inhibited. Then, the more spiritual/creative force can move freely through the remaining 3D realities. Gradually, more and more of the players in your game are freed of third dimensional illusion.

We send our message to your Soul, so that it can disperse our illumination into each and every aspect of you in the manner in which each Self can accept it. As your planet raises more and more into the fourth and fifth dimension, you shall all become consciously aware of your other realities. Then you can take full advantage of any failures or victories that each of your players are living within the ever present now. In this manner, the wisdom of many lives can accrue to the one Core Life into which all your other alternate and parallel realities will download into at the end game of personal and planetary ascension.

To make things even more confusing to your polarity-bound 3D-brain, each of your many incarnations also has myriad parallel realities. A parallel reality is a parallel life that shoots off into a slightly different frequency of your initial reality whenever there is a moment of great decision. In this manner, your Soul can explore every decision and action within the “game” of each third dimensional life. To make life easier for your third dimensional consciousness, you usually choose to be unconscious of your parallel realities. However, you may often dream of them or find them in your imagination. Therefore, we remind you that your dreams and imagination are often the means through which you can communicate with your multidimensional Soul/SELF.

Your journey through our Corridor will assist you in your process of releasing the illusion of the polarities. It is vital that you release your attachment to polarities, for it is these polarities that create a reality based on the illusion of separation and limitation. At first, when you enter the fourth dimension, your hidden inner darkness will be brought into the light of your awareness. As you enter the fifth dimension, you will find the balance of light and dark. Then, in the sixth dimension, you will merge the light and dark by re-writing your third/fourth dimensional hologram. In the seventh dimension you will meet your Oversoul and members of your great soul family. By traveling through our Corridor, you will renew your awareness of your multidimensional nature all the way up to the seventh dimension.

With the recognition and acceptance of the greatness of your true Being, your third dimensional illusions, and the fears these illusions create, will be seen from a multidimensional perspective. From this vantage point, polarities that once were the cause of separations from SELF and limitations in your life, become spectrums of reality in which the in-between can be easily viewed. Once the edges of emotion/consciousness are located, you can find the in-between, the middle, the fulcrum point, where compassion is born and true freedom resides.

Are you ready now to enter the Arcturian Corridor? Remember dear ones, every journey begins with a single step and proceeds one-step-at-a-time.

We are,

The Arcturians


Entering the Arcturian Corridor


Because you have been integrating your Multidimensional SELF into your earth vessel, which has greatly expanded your consciousness, you now have the ability to expand your reality beyond the confines of your daily life. Furthermore, you feel safe enough within yourself that you are able to heal and release the injured children, teens, and young adults within your conscious and unconscious psyche.

In fact, these selves within your self are lined up within you in front of the vortex of our Corridor. See them now. They are ready to step into the vortex; they are ready to go Home, back to their SELF.

See the vortex of our Corridor before you. At first, it is far away. Then, gradually, it moves closer and closer until, at last, the vortex is directly in front of you and directly in front of the line of your former selves who are ready to be released into its transmuting power.

The vortex is growing now. What was once a small swirling force the size of your hand is expanding. As it becomes larger, it also becomes stronger. The colors become brighter and change in hue.

The deep red changes into a magenta

The orange and yellow merge into a glowing tangerine

The green transforms into a dark turquoise which then swirls into silver tinged aquamarine

This aquamarine then twists into a deep blue transforming it into a violet blue that shimmers as it moves faster and faster

Then, the center of the vortex bursts forth in a flood of white light, which is instantly filled with the glimmer of gold and silver starlight

Simultaneously, you hear the sounds of the vortex amplify and alter. What first sounds like the buzz of bees begins to take on an oscillating quality, which is joined by a low hum

This hum purifies into a tone and the tone becomes a spectrum of harmonies

These harmonies raise octave by octave growing ever more complex and compelling until,

just as the center of the vortex bursts into gold and silver,

the sounds crescendo into the Music of the Spheres

The music beckons you into the swirl of light and sound

They are ready to leave now, these portions of yourself which you shall never again need to be, which you shall never again ALLOW yourself to be!

Stand at the threshold of the vortex to hug and kiss them all goodbye. The youngest ones are first and the rest follow by chronological age, except that those who are older carry the ones who are too young to walk.

You wish to hold each one and wish them farewell, but the force of the vortex pulls them through faster and faster until they are becoming a blur.

All you can do is watch, as more and more of the person that you have known yourself to be disappears into the vortex of transmutation.

You watch your children, your teens, and your young adults whisk by so quickly that you can barely discriminate one from the other.

You feel as though you are in a tornado. You look around for something to hold on to, but there is nothing—nothing except your desire to remain upon the Earth to fulfill your destiny.

Yes, the Earth that has caused you such fear and, also, such joy. You have so often wished to abandon your responsibilities, and disappear into the wilderness of your own personal illusions.

Only your desire to stay, to fulfill your highest destiny, will protect you from the whirling pull of the vortex before you.

“It is not your time yet,”

whispers the voice of guidance in the core of your mind.

“You are among those who have volunteered to stay until it is time for the great journey. Release now all portions of your past that are not able to participate in that destiny.

“Feel them as they loosen from their stranglehold Within your consciousness.

“Release them as they jar themselves from their long sentence within the prisons of your fear and pain.

“Allow them to surface so that they can be free.

Free of constriction and restriction,

Free of darkness and fear.

Free of time and the limitations it has brought.”

There is a final force of suction, one so strong that it almost loosens your tenacious hold on your convictions. The vortex pulls you closer and closer. You see before you the eye of the hurricane, the center of complete stillness, total peace. This stillness beckons you to enter. Oh, dare you enter now? Dare you let go and release your promise, release your destiny? The temptation threatens to uproot the dedication that has grounded you.

The core is a deep stillness, an ultimate peace. The whirl of colors and sounds emanating from it are surrounding you. Dare you go now? Can you just surrender to the infinite peace and love that you feel within the vortex and join the other portions of yourself, who could no longer stay? After all, you are but one person. What possible difference would someone as insignificant as you make in the scheme of such a Divine Cosmic Plan?

Bit by bit, you feel yourself entering the vortex. What had once been powerful is now as gentle as an evening breeze. What had once been deafening is now as quiet as the first rays of dawn. Inside the vortex of our corridor, there will be peace. Inside, there will be love, and justice, and freedom. You raise your foot to take that first step into the core of the vortex, but as you do so, you feel another pull. It is the pull of your promise, the pull of your destiny.

“No!” you cry to the awaiting calm.

“I will not give up. I will not leave until I have accomplished all that I have promised to do, all that I have promised to BE.”

Suddenly, a hurricane of noise and a torrent of force replaces the moment of stillness and calm. You must use all of your will to resist and to return—return to your desire to complete what you have vowed to do—to complete the person you have vowed to be. You know that you must turn your back on the vortex or you shall never be able to resist its call.

In one monumental act of devotion, devotion to the Divine Plan, you turn around to face the challenge that you had threatened to leave. Behind you, you feel the instant release of the vortex.

In a flash of golden light—

It is gone!

You are alone.

But wait, before you a vision is forming. Gradually, you realize that the vision is one of a stairway, a stairway of light that is descending from the infinite unknown. Floating down the stairs you see wondrous beings filled with light, love and peace. Who are these beautiful beings, you wonder? “We are you,” they reply in unison.

“Now that you have released the portions of yourself that have suffered in the third dimension, we can fill you with the portions of yourself that have loved upon the higher planes.

“We are you, you see. We are portions of your Soul that have awaited this moment so that you could release your pain and embrace your glory—our glory.”

One by one, the beings of light

Are descending the golden stairway

And entering your heart

Now you feel within yourself

The peace,

The glory,

The harmony

And, YES, the love

Now, you feel within you,

The confidence and courage

To calmly and peacefully