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Step 2 – Enter the Arcturian Corridor

Revealing Hidden Darkness. The Lower Fourth Dimension

Dear One,

We are using the Corridor as a homing beam for our ground crew. The ground crews are from different Homeworlds (stars/planets of origin), as well as parallel realities in which they have taken form in the fifth dimension and beyond. Our Corridor provides a means in which you can reconnect with other incarnations of your Soul. The Arcturian Corridor is a stargate, a distribution station, or control tower, such as you have in your airports. We are the hubs, the way station for all inter-dimensional explorers. All inter-dimensional voyagers first enter through our vortex/corridor. They then either stay here, or they move on to whichever star system is their final destination.

The increased frequency of light within the Corridor immediately expands your consciousness into the fourth dimension. Take a long moment in the ever-present NOW of the Corridor to feel the higher frequency light around you. Our Corridor is designed to raise your frequency in a slow and steady fashion. Therefore, with your first step, the frequency of light is just one-half octave above that of your third dimensional reality, and by your second step you are in the fourth dimension. Feel the slight tingling in your body, mind and emotions as the light gently caresses you.

As you look closely at your surroundings, it almost appears that you are in a cloud, but the cloud is a swirling dance of changing hues of blue and violet. Look just where you are and allow where you are going to surround you when you get there. In this manner, you can BE where you are and be totally present with your experience.

The light that surrounds and embraces you is gently coercing your hidden darkness to the surface of your consciousness, so that it can be healed and released once and for all. Your darkness is not the part of you that is “bad.” Instead, your darkness is the part of you that is wounded. In this wounding there is fear, which has lowered your resonance enough that you have forgotten your true form of Lightbody.

You are now traveling through the lowest frequencies of the fourth dimension, known as the Lower Astral Plane. Since this is the lowest frequency of the fourth dimension, it holds all the darkness of all your incarnations, as well as all the darkness/fear that has been experienced by ALL of Gaia’s creatures. From within the Corridor, you can safely create a tunnel of light through the Lower Astral Plane to assist you and Gaia in releasing the accumulated lower frequencies of fear and darkness. Then, you can more easily activate your Lightbody, as well as the Lightbody of Gaia.

Take a moment now to visualize Gaia’s blue body below you. Can you see the darkness in the Lower Astral Plane? It is the accumulated darkness of the inhabitants of Gaia who have forgotten the true nature of their Soul/SELF. Watch the planet turn until it stops at the hemisphere, continent, country, state, city, neighborhood, home and the earth vessel of your grounded one, who is sharing your adventure within the Corridor

Using the great power of your imagination, create a tunnel through this darkness by sending a beam of the Corridor’s light down through the Lower Astral Plane to the area of Gaia’s body over which you are a steward

Take a moment now to feel the unconditional love within the Corridor. Inhale that love and exhale it out through the tunnel you have created and into your physical reality

As you look again at Earth, you see more and more pathways of light through the Lower Astral and through the darkness of Gaia’s aura, as you feel the unconditional love beaming within each ray of light

Because of this personal and global clearing of darkness, you may experience some unpleasant dreams as you continue this service while in you astral, night body. You may also experience spontaneous memories of unresolved issues of your childhood, teen years, and youthful relationships, and even other lifetimes. These residues of old, forgotten fears, angers, disappointments and sorrow are coming to the surface of your consciousness to be dealt with from inside the security of our Corridor.

The higher frequency light of the Corridor instantly transmutes any darkness that you release back into the balance point of pure light. Hence, with each healing of your darkness, you are able to tolerate higher and higher frequencies of light to facilitate your activation into Lightbody.

Because you are beloved members of the Planetary Ascension Team, you will be able to integrate the higher frequency into your physical body, your reality, and your planet when you return to your daily life. Gaia will also assist your process by contributing Her great experience, knowledge, patience and unconditional love.

Dearest Ones, all of you are reprogramming your internal sensors so that you can be in constant contact with your higher dimensional realities. This is why your old, hidden darkness must be brought to the surface to be released. This old darkness creates “static.” In turn, this static makes it difficult for you to clearly receive messages from the many higher levels of your SELF. Allowing hidden levels of your ancient darkness to come to the surface of your consciousness can create a sense of fear. To confront this issue learn to simply breathe out your fear.


Take three long, slow, deep breaths.

With each exhalation, imagine that your consciousness gets

larger and larger until it fills the room.

Take three more long, slow, deep breaths.

With each exhalation, imagine that your body gets

larger and larger until it fills the room.

Take three more long, slow, deep breaths.

With each exhalation, imagine that you can see the spaces in

between the particles of matter of your expanded body.

Now, see the vapors of fear as they approach you.

Calmly observe them as they move past you and through the

spaces between your expanded form.

Do not attach to the fear. Simply allow it to flow through you.



When fear is no longer your enemy, you can more easily accept the love that constantly emanates from the place “in-between” fear and love. In this manner you can begin to remember that ALL separation is an illusion.

The Arcturians

(Please take one or more Earth days to integrate your process into both your personal and planetary bodies. Experiencing fear as ONLY an energy field reduces its power and allows you to feel your own power within, In this manner, you share your experiences with me, Gaia, to assist in our planetary ascension, and allow me to amplify your process with my unconditional love and compassion.


Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor continues. Please stay with on our inter-dimensional journey.

I will see you in the Corridor,