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Unity Consciousness

A project is evolving, something big is hiding behind the problems of our world. Slowly it is emerging from behind the curtains of our own play. It’s an elusive consciousness, a feeling that puts us in the Now. As the old political and economic systems crumble, our desire for a new world grows, no longer influenced by fear, hope and scarcity. We are done with the drama and social unrest that make us prisoners.

Something needs to be done, but is there anything you can do as an individual?

In the society we live in, we are powerless, forced to watch the highly placed politicians figure everything out. Please realise that it doesn’t have to be this way. Today you can choose for change by transcending your feelings of fear. Step to the other side of the curtain to connect with Unity Consciousness. Choose love over fear, action over passivity and confidence over panic. Care for all people that surround you, knowing that they are involved in the same struggle. This way you will no longer be a spectator of negativity, but becoming part of a much bigger world instead.

The frequency of Unity Consciousness helps you to get in touch with the new consciousness that is connecting us all.

This frequency can also be downloaded as a free desktop download via the following link:

Activation: Unity Consciousness (RUS) >>>

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2013-09-30 10:07:21
как можно поделиться на Одноклассниках?
2013-09-30 10:09:14
Добавил кнопочку "Класс"
2013-09-30 10:19:16
Благодарю! Отправила!(:smile:)
Irina Zadiran
2013-09-30 11:48:29
Елена Сороковикова
2013-09-30 16:03:42
Lana Sanfirova
2013-09-30 21:06:42
Благодарю! Это всегда помощь...))) и всегда очень актуально.
Зинаида Саламандра
2013-10-06 16:12:27
Очень благодарна.Я уже проходила похожую активацию в декабре 2012 года через сайт "Галактика"И вновь Господь меня свел с Вами!Всего наилучшего!
Ирина Захарова
2014-12-17 22:16:21
Светлана Матвеева
2015-12-21 20:58:49
Ольга Киянова
2015-12-21 23:47:37
Ilona Trane
2015-12-23 22:20:49
2017-12-07 12:57:19
Благодарю за помощь и поддержку.Успехов в Свете и Любви!!!
Orozalieva Zamira
2016-12-18 21:55:17
2016-06-11 12:58:34
+1. Ⓜ
2014-12-17 18:54:10
Ирина Яценко
2017-05-10 22:32:17
Єднаймося, щоб сповнити Світ чистими позитивними енергіями Любові і Гармонії!