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Rise ‘n Shine | Activation: Gift

Every morning have your own visual Breakfast for the Soul, specially composed by Janosh.

The first twelve minutes after you wake up define your day. When you start your day with positive energy, it will benefit you the entire day. So grab that daily positive energy with the Rise ‘n Shine activation by Janosh. Every morning you can choose one activation.

Please click on the link to download information on the activation.

Activation: Gift

The frequency of Gift helps you connect with your ability to recognize the path to your dreams, so that you can achieve them.

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Алла Сурова
2014-01-11 10:48:52
Кириллова Елена
2014-01-12 11:55:44
Огромное спасибо! Удачи и всего самого доброго!
Зинаида Серегина
2014-01-12 11:56:26
Галина """"""""""
2014-01-12 12:21:29
Татьяна Шевченко
2014-01-12 13:36:43
Благо Дарю Вам!!!
Юлия Тарасова
2014-01-12 15:36:59
Svetlana Kotova
2017-06-26 13:04:57