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How badly do you want to fulfill your dreams? How many times have you tried? Which steps have you taken? Often you feel you are close, yet something is preventing you from making it happen. Everything is there, yet you’re not owning it. There always seems to be a “but” – but I still have to learn so much; but I still have to work through so much; but I still need this or that. It is time to let go of these saboteurs.

However strange or hard a choice may be, you can’t avoid following your heart. Whatever it is you want, can’t be planned or invented, so let go of control and jump! You’ll become amazed at the immense power you hold inside. You will transcend limitations of any kind.

Just take a leap, take a risk and surrender to your true Being. Nothing can go wrong as long as you stay in touch with your feelings. The frequency of Transcending helps you to let go of control and helps you navigate your way to your true state of Being.

Activation “Transcending” >>>

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Руслан Рахимджанов
2013-02-25 16:19:54
СПАСИБО, и снова в тему... Отличная поддержка в энергиях сегодняшнего дня!
Неспрашивай Имярек
2013-10-07 12:37:40
благодарю! своевременно!!!!!!
Наталья Корчагина
2013-10-09 14:57:12
Лариса Чуканова
2014-03-10 12:38:23
Благодарю!!! Так необходимо именно сейчас!!!
Svetlana Petrunkina
2018-01-22 18:14:39
Ирина Масаковская
2018-01-24 07:34:58
2015-08-16 12:35:52
Скажите, а человеку, который не видит можно как-то активировать коды?
Нина Киктеева
2015-08-10 19:40:39
Благо Дарю!!!
2015-08-09 16:10:47
Благодарю! Считаю?что очень своевременно! Ещё раз спасибо!
2014-12-10 15:24:41
2015-08-11 19:51:32
Благодарю! От сердца к сердцу!