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Janosh Webinar: Rhytm

On this page you can watch the recording of online session with Janosh, with the Activation Rhythm.

Powerful online experience

With a clear message, a stunning multi-media presentation and one of his exclusive activations, Janosh comes prepared to give you a powerful online experience that will certainly stick for a while. The people who have watched his webinars in the past, know that the energy of the holograms and music can really get the energy flowing. Thousands of people worldwide have joined and many of those left wonderful comments on Facebook, telling about the magical experiences they had at home.


Anya Misrasi

I was felling that I am flying and waking up after long and deep dream…. What is beautiful and powerful Feeling!!!!!!! My heartily Pleasure to you ,Janosh and everybody who share with this amazing feeling!!! (:joy:)

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