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Aktiveerimine: Tundlikkus

This activation will bring out the best in you. In only a few minutes you will reach a state of being that normally would take hours of meditation. In the movie the hologram is built up from layers and by focussing on the middle both sides of the brain will be re-balanced. It will clear your mind and give you a huge energetic boost!

Activation is also available in Janosh app ->

Aktiveerimine: Seksuaalsus

Seksuaalsus on  kõige võimsam energia, mida inimene üldse võib kogeda. See on Olemise Kõrgeima Seisundi katalüsaatoriks ja ülimaks stiimuliks endast lugupidamisele, enesekindlusele ja loovusele. See, kes tahab vabaneda seksuaalsest pingest, selle käes on võti lõpliku vabaduse juurde.

SEKSUAALSUSE koodi energia avab kanali seksuaalsele energiale, luues suure võimaluse armastuse ja elujõu vabale voolamisele.

Aktiveerimine: Piiride ületamine

Minu tervitus teile kõigile!

Meie eesmärk on jõuda välja vana raamidest, mineviku raamidest.

See sagedus, see energia, mida me kasutame täna, põhineb armastusel – me oleme üksteisega seotud armastuse kaudu. Me viime täna läbi ka meditatsiooni. Loe edasi…


We need to pray for love NOW.

No words, no thoughts, no politics, no meaning, senseless violence, innocent victims, no conviction or beliefs, just love that is all each and every person needs, unconditional love, help one another to bring heaven back to earth!

Let’s all pray together for love, do the activation Unity Consciousness and open your heart and set the intention and connect with one another across the globe. This activation will be online until Xmas. Let’s put the intention to bring love back to this Earth.

On these joyous days, and throughout the new year, may your life be filled with an abundance of love.

Heart to Heart, Janosh

What is an activation?

A short session in which you focus on the centre of the hologram, which is made up from geometrical patterns built up layer by layer. It is with especially composed music, in which you can quickly achieve a feeling, where you would have had to meditate for a long time. The activations are healing, inspiring and powerful. Certain knowledge or experience with meditation is unnecessary. Enjoy!

Let’s connect with Self Love!

Thank you for tuning in to this month’s Webinar! On this page you can watch the online session with Janosh, with the Activation Self Love. This video was uploaded on Saturday 26 March 2016.


The webinar can be watched on any device (computer/tablet/phone). Just open this page in your browser. You can also watch it here.


If you enjoyed this Webinar, we would love to know about your experience. In the chat section below, you can leave comments.

Aktiveerimine: Tegevuse jõud (ENG-RUS)

Tere tulemast, armsad ja erilised! Võtke palun mugavalt istet. Täna seisab meil ees üks rännak. Me asume uurima oma alateadvust, kuhu on talletatud kõik vastused: informatsioon selle kohta, kes te olete, miks siin olete, kust olete tulnud ja kuhu suundute. Me teeme avalikuks  teie hinge missiooni, et võiksite näha, missuguse elulise kogemuse te valisite ja mille jaoks. Loe edasi…

Aktiveerimine: Võit (RUS)

Tundke enda üle uhkust, tundke oma jõudu! Tundke uhkust selle tõsiasja üle, et seadsite end katsumustesse, ja veenge end, et järgmine kord olete edukas!

Activation: Concordance

How better to start in 2018 than with the brand new Activation Concordance! An amazing energy frequency, which connects different worlds with one another and brings you into contact with the ‘Bigger We’. Enjoy this session and allow yourself to be taken on a journey to your inner space for 20 minutes.
Loe edasi…

Aktiveerimine: Tsükkel (RUS)

Iga evolutsioon viib järgmise kogemuse juurde, mis algab siis, kui lubate endale minevikust lahti lasta.

Hoidke meeles – lahti laskmine ei tähenda „kaotamist”. Lahti laskmine tähendab „saamist”! Öeldakse ju: heida endalt mineviku kogemuste koorem, et vabastada koht millegi uue jaoks.

TSÜKLI Aktiveerimine aitab teil surnud ring katki rebida, et võiksite alustada kõike algusest.

Aktiveerimine: Avanemine (RUS)

Seepärast on aeg tulla valguse kätte, näidata, kes te olete tõeliselt ja väljendada oma tõde ilma hirmuta, et teid ei võeta tõsiselt (saada tõrjutud).

Let’s connect with Love Activation!

Let’s connect worldwide and connect with the LOVE ACTIVATION webinar!

On the 14th February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day which is all about love. We express our feelings with a card or a present, but wouldn’t it be lovely to give something to yourself? Be your own Valentine this year during the Love Activation, a one off webinar to enrich your mind and body with love. We are going to do that with two live activations, which will be devoted to open your heart, in combination with exercises to allow the energy to flow through your entire body. Embrace this beautiful broadcast, allow all the cares and doubts to slip away and just enjoy yourself!

The journey to your heart

Love is everything we need. It is the energy that feeds us, that lifts us up, allows us to grow and that helps us to rise above the daily concerns. Love is what strengthens us to walk our challenging life path. We see it the best in people close to us, but not if we look in the mirror. Let Valentine’s Day 2017 be the door, which leads to more self-love and to find yourself on the other side in a state of complete peace, trust and unconditional love. Enroll for free in this one-off extended webinar with Janosh and take the journey with him to your heart.

What is an activation?

In each and everyone one of us hides an immeasurable power that enables us to create everything that we want. This sleeping consciousness lies buried beneath layers of fear, behavior and restraining beliefs, just waiting to be activated. The quickest way to achieve this is to make contact with Sacred Geometry (also known as the ‘Language of the Soul’). Janosh has developed a unique method, in which you focus on his holograms that are made up of geometrical patterns, built up and down layer by layer. It is a short session with colorful images and specially composed music, in which you quickly reach a state of Being which would normally have taken a long time to meditate. The activations are healing, inspiring and powerful. Previous knowledge or experience with meditation is not necessary.

Tuesday 14th February 2017 at 21.00 hrs (8pm GMT)

Feel free to join this webinar, in which we build a strong connection together and activate the best in ourselves. You can enroll through a registration page, after which you will receive more details. This webinar will be given in English.

Register for free: