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Every week a different frequency will be made available to you, each with a meaning. By tuning in, you can activate that part in yourself that is connected to this. Take a few deep breaths, focus on the centre and feel what it does with you.

No one is undamaged: we have all experienced things that have touched us or caused us pain. If you remain stuck in drama, you will increase the suffering that you carry with you. You become a sort of magnet for similar experiences. Please realise that a wound will not heal if you constantly pick at the scab. Give yourself the chance to heal the pain and sadness and you will see that your surroundings will respond automatically. This way you will break the pattern of negative energy and you will be inspiring others to do the same.

The frequency of Healing helps to heal yourself first and then, like a ripple after a stone is thrown into water, help others to heal themselves too.

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2014-12-08 19:14:12
Код недели как обычно "в тему". Молодец, Янош! Благодарю!
Svetlana Bankovica
2014-12-08 21:37:19
а как прослушать код недели? извините....
Olga Vetoshkina
2015-05-04 08:54:27
2014-12-08 16:40:17
2014-12-08 15:19:41
БЛАГОДАРЮ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Елена Кузьмичева(Сороковикова)
2014-12-08 07:46:46
Новые коды Яноша
2014-12-09 17:00:30