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You have started a process and the longer it continues, the more difficult it becomes. Beforehand you had not expected that it would cost you so much time and energy. In the meantime all sorts of thoughts are playing in your mind and distracting you from your goal. Am I doing it right? Should it be this way? Is there another way? Is there another path? Do I have it in me? Can I do this?

When you start a process at some or other time you get to this phase and then it’s important to carry on. Don’t give in to your doubts, but keep going. Accept the resistance you are feeling, this is all part of the change that you want to create. So don’t allow yourself to be distracted and give up, because then you are giving a sign for repetition from the past. Reject excuses and show perseverance.
When you bring the process to a conclusion, in hindsight you will be grateful.

The frequency PERSERVERANCE gives you strength to keep going during the difficult phases and ignore the temptation to give up.

I know what I want and I go for it.

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БлагоДарю! Любви,Счастья и Изобилия! Весёлых Праздников!
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