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You often have the feeling that you are standing on your own. And then if you take the step to ask for help, or even enter into a form of co-operation, always remember to feel from which emotion you make a choice. If you are looking for help because you lack something, or you need something from someone else? Then this says that you don’t attach enough worth to who you are or what you want.

Co-operation means stepping into something with equality. It is being a winner together, taking responsibility together, lifting one another up to great heights and repetitive investment in one another. In a time when we are all sitting on our own little islands, it is important to strengthen one another. Many of us have the same calling, but often feel like being someone screaming in the middle of a desert. Find your way by collating your powers: together in co-creation, from respect and equality.

The frequency of Co-creation will inspire you to let go of the ego and to move forward together equally, with the power of opposites.




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