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Išsirinkite kalbą


More and more exposes in the Source Code.

EMBODIMENT: Making inspiration visible, by giving it form. That begins with integrating consciousness into our body. Whenever we remind ourselves of our soul mission, this has an effect on how we present ourselves. We can show ourselves better in our surroundings and show what our intentions are: sometimes with words, sometimes with a symbol, or a ritual or purely by our presence.
What do you experience when you connect with it?



You are looking for your own truth, but you just can’t get to it. It is just as if you are not digging deep enough to discover the treasures within. When you try to identify where your passion lies, you get caught in a distracting web of thinking patterns.


You often have the feeling that you are standing on your own. And then if you take the step to ask for help, or even enter into a form of co-operation, always remember to feel from which emotion you make a choice. If you are looking for help because you lack something, or you need something from someone else? Then this says that you don’t attach enough worth to who you are or what you want. Toliau…

Galutinis Sugrįžimas

Egzistuoja užmojis, ir jis vykdomas, sugrąžinti žmonija į gerai pažįstama sąmonės lygį – šitas lygis egzistavo Atlantidos laikais. Naujos energijos bangos supa Žemę ir reikalauja iš mūsų gyventi, remiantis daugiau mūsų jausmais, tai ruošia mus milžiniškam evoliucijos šuoliui, po kurio mes nustosime būti priklausomais nuo mūsų aplinkybės.


How badly do you want to fulfill your dreams? How many times have you tried? Which steps have you taken? Often you feel you are close, yet something is preventing you from making it happen. Everything is there, yet you’re not owning it. There always seems to be a “but” – but I still have to learn so much; but I still have to work through so much; but I still need this or that. It is time to let go of these saboteurs. However strange or hard a choice may be, you can’t avoid following your heart.