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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This relates particularly to the way in which our brains work. We usually approach everything from one side, without looking at the other side. Everyday subjects at home and at work ask you to think by logical reason (left hand side of the brain), while private matters respond more to your feelings and emotions (right hand side of the brain).

So we are trained to use either one or the other side of the brain. The pure way to create is to connect both sides together. Bring your feelings into line with your intellect to enable you to get the best possible result from your creative powers.

The frequency of Synergy helps the left and the right side of the brain to work together more efficiently.

Frequency of the week – MANIFESTATION

We are often afraid to manifest the things that we really want. There is always a ‘but’ involved: ‘…I don’t have the time… I don’t have the knowledge… I do not have the means or the right people around me.’ They are just excuses. Rather a draw than a loss, so to speak.


Activation: Concordance

How better to start in 2018 than with the brand new Activation Concordance! An amazing energy frequency, which connects different worlds with one another and brings you into contact with the ‘Bigger We’. Enjoy this session and allow yourself to be taken on a journey to your inner space for 20 minutes.


We are being prepared for a leap in evolution. The individual will make space for the collective. Personal experiences will become shared experiences, in which our empathetic and telepathic powers develop themselves even further. In this way you come into contact even more with the ‘bigger we’.



You are being prepared for a meeting with your soul relatives. These are people who, in the first instance, seem to have little in common with you, but those with whom you subconsciously have made an appointment. Your meeting is predetermined. It is just a case of the right timing.

Christ Consciousness


(Русский) Запись открытого вебинара “Удовлетворение”





We need to pray for love NOW.

No words, no thoughts, no politics, no meaning, senseless violence, innocent victims, no conviction or beliefs, just love that is all each and every person needs, unconditional love, help one another to bring heaven back to earth!

Let’s all pray together for love, do the activation Unity Consciousness and open your heart and set the intention and connect with one another across the globe. This activation will be online until Xmas. Let’s put the intention to bring love back to this Earth.

On these joyous days, and throughout the new year, may your life be filled with an abundance of love.

Heart to Heart, Janosh

What is an activation?

A short session in which you focus on the centre of the hologram, which is made up from geometrical patterns built up layer by layer. It is with especially composed music, in which you can quickly achieve a feeling, where you would have had to meditate for a long time. The activations are healing, inspiring and powerful. Certain knowledge or experience with meditation is unnecessary. Enjoy!

Vieningumo Sąmonė



You are restless; you are threatening to lose yourself in material affairs. There is a lot going on within and at the moment you are mistrusting. What overrules is the feeling that you have to keep hold of all the ropes in your hands. With this idea you are exercising an unnatural control over the on-going processes in your life – and this puts pressure on your relationships.