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Turning Point

Every day is different and not every day is as inspiring as others. If you discover that a pattern of negativity creeps into your life, it is time to stop the clock. Are you still following the path of your dreams? Toliau…

Rise ‘n Shine | Activation: Harmony

Every morning have your own visual Breakfast for the Soul, specially composed by Janosh.

The first twelve minutes after you wake up define your day. When you start your day with positive energy, it will benefit you the entire day. So grab that daily positive energy with the Rise ‘n Shine activation by Janosh. Every morning you can choose one activation.

Please click on the link to download information on the activation.

Activation: Harmony

The frequency of Harmony helps you to connect to the we-feeling and to understand the larger perspective of life on Earth

Affirmation Box “Knowledge of the Arcturians”

Positive Affirmations provide a bound with the Janosh Energy Cards!

It is a uniquely created set of power cards which contains information and wisdom that is already stored in our subconsciousness. You can daily enjoy these cards. Toliau…

Monitoriaus užsklanda

Download various holograms for your desktop: a great way to bring your desktop to life. The pictures are available in different formats. Choose  the code you wish to download and select the right format for your screen Toliau…