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The ending of self-sabotage by longer judging yourself. Come out of your own created prison, then the painfulness in your mind will stop and there will be liberation.
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Everything that lives in your inner world and brings it together to oneness. Don’t give all your attention to what you think has priority, but also to the feelings which are much harder to catch.
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You have a huge desire to do something for yourself, but you wait. You hesitate. Even though everything is present to go for it, you feel that there is something missing to take action. It is just as if you haven’t found the right button to be able to start. This subtle feeling that something is missing, can be annoying, but is absolutely not negative. Lasīt vairāk


We are being prepared for a leap in evolution. The individual will make space for the collective. Personal experiences will become shared experiences, in which our empathetic and telepathic powers develop themselves even further. In this way you come into contact even more with the ‘bigger we’.

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Zini, ka tu vari radīt visu, ko vien vēlies. Nav nekā neiespējama, ja tu esi pieņēmis lēmumu dzīvot no savas sirds telpas. Apzinies priekš sevis to, kādu tu gribētu redzēt savu nākotni un kā tu varētu realizēt savu sapni realitātē. Kaislība tev būs par atslēgu.
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You have confusing thoughts and feelings that are probably not in agreement with you. You are picking them up from your surroundings, through discussions and interactions with the people around you. Certain words, stories, experiences, emotions; they all remain hanging in your system. Lasīt vairāk


Which aspects of your life, you do not have to change consciously, but that should remain intact. Even if you don’t understand it, there can be an important reason, why you will need these building blocks (later) for your growth and development.
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You have taken decisions that you don’t entirely agree with anymore. What felt good begins to become more doubtful. You ask yourself if you are on the right path, even though you cannot exactly describe why you feel this. Listen to this feeling before you take new steps.
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Vai tu esi kādreiz aizdomājies(usies) par to, kāpēc tev nekad neizdodas būt vienotam veselam, būt pašam tam, kas tu esi? Kāpēc katra situācija pieprasa noteiktu lomu? Dažreiz tas var būt ļoti apgrūtinoši, par cik ārējā pasaule, pieprasa tev būt par to, kas tu patiesībā neesi, un kas tu nevēlies būt, un tai pat laikā tu sajūti vilšanos, jo visu laiku tu dari visu iespējamo, lai atrastu pats sevi. Saproti šādā veidā tu tērē daudz enerģijas.
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Our soul is constantly working for us. She shows us the way and wants to inspire us. Often we don’t listen, because the signals from the soul sometimes seem illogical. They don’t fit within the boundaries of our thinking. This is what you experience when you feel something is going to happen, but you are not sure exactly what.

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Inner Compas

The powerful geometric code of Inner compass helps you to better navigate to the ultimate destination in your life. Where you have been emotionally drawn to for a long time. It helps you to see the path towards your dream.
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