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You are unsure about your future. The fear of losing is growing within you. Time after time, you put yourself in situations that always wind up disappointing you. And that is making you unsure of yourself and impatient about getting out of these situations. So you’re thinking about making drastic changes. But impulsive decisions are not the solution. They will only create more tension and will undermine or even destroy the good that you have already built up in your life. Lasīt vairāk


Lasīt vairāk


You have confusing thoughts and feelings that are probably not in agreement with you. You are picking them up from your surroundings, through discussions and interactions with the people around you. Certain words, stories, experiences, emotions; they all remain hanging in your system. Lasīt vairāk


Lasīt vairāk

Self Healing

Lasīt vairāk


Lasīt vairāk


You make a jump in your personal development. New inspiration and experiences have lifted you to the next level. But then it happens: a relapse. You find yourself in situations that you thought you left behind. It’s almost like all the wonderful progress that you made has vanished. You don’t know yourself anymore, and it seems like everything is against you. And then the old patterns come back. The ones you thought you released because of all the internal work you’ve done. Lasīt vairāk


You have a huge desire to do something for yourself, but you wait. You hesitate. Even though everything is present to go for it, you feel that there is something missing to take action. It is just as if you haven’t found the right button to be able to start. This subtle feeling that something is missing, can be annoying, but is absolutely not negative. Lasīt vairāk


Solis pāri robežai, lēciens dziļumā – ieniršana pasaulē, kas pilna mistēriju un noslēpumu. Tāds ir piedzīvojums, ko veic jūsu dvēsele, izpētot fizisko pasauli, ieslodzīta ievainojamā un ierobežotā ķermenī. Jūsu dvēsele izvēlējās kaut ko pieredzēt, bet ceļojuma mērķis vairs nav skaidrs.

Jautājums ”Kas es esmu?” liek jums sajusties kā tumsā, kaut arī jūs nesākāt šo ceļojumu nesagatavojies. Jūs apgādājāt sevi ar unikālu dāvanu, intuitīvu sajūtu, kas palīdzētu jums sasniegt mērķi.

Lasīt vairāk


Our energy field is like a breath; it expands and deflates. And every time it repeats we send out energy and bring new energy in. That is how we resonate with one another and the universe and share our knowledge in an immense field of consciousness. Just like breathing, it is important that you regulate this flow. Lasīt vairāk


You are planning to take a big step in your life and waiting for just the right moment to come. You feel that you have to be patient and wait for your chance, just as if you are being prepared for the exact moment to jump.

Lasīt vairāk