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You are very focused on perfection and that is why you don’t allow yourself to make any mistakes. You give too much attention to what is not right, what is going wrong, where you are at a standstill etc. You judge yourself and sometimes it goes even further than that. You immediately feel guilty, because whatever you do; you never do it exactly right. From that feeling of guilt you compensate to please others, because you don’t want to disappoint anybody or fall short. All these behavioral patterns sabotage your own success. Lasīt vairāk


You have taken decisions that you don’t entirely agree with anymore. What felt good begins to become more doubtful. You ask yourself if you are on the right path, even though you cannot exactly describe why you feel this. Listen to this feeling before you take new steps.
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Viss, kas mums nepieciešams dzīvei uz Zemes, ir uz tās radīts pārpilnībā. Mums bieži ir grūti tam noticēt, jo esam pieraduši domāt, vadoties  pēc bailēm par trūkumu. Mēs turamies pie drošības idejas, jo mums ir bail palikt tukšā. Enerģija ir visuresoša un mūžīga. Neierobežo sevi, domājot sīki, jo ar atbilstošu nodomu iespējams ir viss! Tev vienkārši jānotic. Lasīt vairāk

Pagrieziena Punkts

Katra diena ir citāda, un katra dienair tikpat iedvesmojoša kā iepriekšējās. Ja tu atklāj, ka tavā dzīvē ir ielavījies negativitātes modelis, ir pienācis laiks apstādināt pulksteni. Vai tu joprojām seko ceļam, ko vada tavi sapņi? Lasīt vairāk


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Сolumn “Echo & Rhythm”

For those of you who are familiar with my work, every hologram has a specific influence on a part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher the hidden knowledge within you. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, or in other words: a vibration of energy that resonates with our feelings. In my column I describe my personal experiences when I receive these frequencies. Usually I talk about the one that is most apparent at the moment and give my opinion about the developments within this theme.

Echo & Rhythm

Approximately a month ago I came back from Montserrat, the spiritual heart of Catalonia in Spain where I stayed with a beautiful group of people for two days. It was a wonderful retreat at a sacred place, which in some or other way touches you. It’s just as if you can feel the greatness of life and appreciate the smaller things too. You come back to that childish feeling of discovery and endless fantasy. And so I came home with the playful idea of closing off this season with a highlight. An open day had been planned and it just had to be a success. I wanted a spectacular closure with lots of movement, perhaps even a bit of chaos. I brutally said to myself: ‘This is going to be an Open Day the likes of which we have never had before!’ Lasīt vairāk


Our soul is constantly working for us. She shows us the way and wants to inspire us. Often we don’t listen, because the signals from the soul sometimes seem illogical. They don’t fit within the boundaries of our thinking. This is what you experience when you feel something is going to happen, but you are not sure exactly what.

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Dzīves Plāns

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The energy that is connected to this, allows you to see behind the veils of reality. It makes the worlds more visible which previously were only available for visionaries and mediums. You can have visions, discussions with other souls or memories of past lives.

A start or acceleration of spiritual growth can happen now. Perhaps you were desperately searching for this: In 2020 it will be much easier for you.


Where opposing powers come together, this is a battle. There are judgments, criticisms and beliefs that hold another at a distance. Look beyond the battle and you see the underlying process. Then you can see how the parties are mirroring one another: they miss what makes the other strong.
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Kristus apziņa

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