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Janosh column “Authenticity”

For those of you who are familiar with my work, every hologram has a specific influence on a part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher the hidden knowledge within you. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, or in other words: a vibration of energy that resonates with our feelings. In my column I describe my personal experiences when I receive these frequencies. Usually I talk about the one that is most apparent at the moment and give my opinion about the developments within this theme.


It’s quite special isn’t it? Authenticity. Before you read any further, I challenge you to make contact with it. Just look at it for a while. Absorb the details. Focus in the middle. A few minutes is quite enough…

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Lasīt vairāk

(Русский) Авторский блог Яноша: Осмос – энергетическая частота 2019 года.

Lasīt vairāk

(Русский) Авторский блог “Сила действия – это нечто большее, чем просто физическое действие”

Column: Self Healing

Those of you who know my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden information within yourself. Every code contains information of a certain frequency, or to be more specific, a vibrational energy which resonates with our senses. In my columns, connected to the latest codes, I describe my experience connected to these frequencies. Every month I take on a code that is most prominent at the time and I share my opinion on our development within this theme.

Self Healing

So here comes another one: Self Healing. Another code that I was unprepared for! I do not particularly like to repeat things, but I cannot say anything else other than I didn’t find it that easy to pick up this frequency. I had to put the code to one side to prevent myself from becoming dizzy with all the colors and the lines. Subconsciously this was my saboteur, who was screaming: ‘Stop right now! This is far too complicated!’ I became distracted and stuck and then the thought came up that this code is not right. I sat there thinking, but experience has taught me that I really have to carry on. It is not the code, which is wrong, something is wrong with me. Lasīt vairāk

(Русский) Сила соединения в одной лишь частоте (март 2017)

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(Русский) Авторский блог “Большой переезд и “ВАУ-чувство” (февраль 2017)

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Practice what you preach!

Lasīt vairāk

Do you realise what you are creating with your thoughts?

The frequency I would like to share with you this week is Realisation. Whatever you do comes back to you. We know that it works this way, but do we actually realise this? Do you actually realise what you are creating with your intentions and thoughts? Lasīt vairāk

Take a peek into the future

When you feel it, hold onto it – that’s the frequency for this week. Momentum has everything to do with timing. It’s based on the belief that every action is in principle a good one. It’s just that not all of our actions achieve the same results. And, the moment that you choose to act is as important as the action itself. In other words, every time you’re in a situation that you have a chance to grow, feel whether it’s the right time to do or say something. If the time isn’t right, if it’s too early or too late to act, then don’t; otherwise, you might waste your energy or find yourself standing there empty handed. Lasīt vairāk

I’m a Arcturian

I receive a lot of stories, quotes and experiences by mail. Sometimes a message touches me and the only feeling I consequently have is: I’ll have to share this! So ,this week no blog but simply something I would like to share with you, as I recognize myself in it. I do not know who has written this, that’s why I share it without mentioning the source. Thank you for sharing, Garda. Lasīt vairāk


Detachment is the frequency that I would like to share with you this week. For myself, I sometimes find it difficult to make contact with this frequency. Detachment can be exciting, but also a bit scary, because when you really release something, it’s never coming back. You are cutting it out of your system. But if you have the feeling that you aren’t going anywhere in your life, it’s important that you immediately distance yourself from what makes you feel safe. In other words: dare to release. New doors will only open if you are willing to close the old ones. That’s the way it works, even though sometimes it can be scary. Lasīt vairāk