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Ever feel like you’re constantly running on empty? Like, no matter what you do, you just can’t keep your energy levels up?
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It cannot be planned. I never know when a new frequency will be shown to me by the Arcturians. But after last week’s webinar I felt the warmth, the love flowing and had a feeling that it will continue. A compass that gives us direction will be continued. And so the past few nights I regularly sat behind my computer.
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Oh my, 24 hours non stop. I couldn’t stop, it flowed and different emotions passed by. From sadness to an overwhelming flow of love. I would almost say, a love that we have not yet experienced on this Earth. So powerful, so confrontational, so coming home.
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Self Love Healing

An energy that can be hard and soft: Self-Love. A theme that appeals to a lot of people, but not that simple to apply in your life.
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OMNIPRESENCE: The Sacred Nexus

Omnipresence is a captivating frequency code that embodies the essence of the infinite cosmos. Radiant arrow-like beams extend in all directions, symbolizing the boundless nature of existence. The interplay of majestic purple and vibrant red colors represents the highest realms of consciousness and the primal life force, creating a harmonious balance between the divine and the earthly.
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The Reset

Reset yourself, reset your life! At the core of The Reset is the message that at any moment there is an opportunity for a reset. A refresh on life. A new mindset.

A reset is your personal empowerment “button” — accessible anytime you desire change.

Resetting isn’t about beating yourself up, feeling bad or staying stuck. A reset is about embracing a positive attitude towards change and finding opportunities for personal growth even in the hardest of times.
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What is karma? A real-life game? And is it a blessing?
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Celestial Aspiration

The true you is a Celestial Being,
Having a Terrestrial Experience more so than a Terrestrial Being having a Celestial view.

What do you feel with this new frequency?
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Your most profound purpose in this life
Do you know your purpose in life?
The reason you’re here?

Most of us have more than one reason for incarnating on Earth.

However, there is always one deeper underlying purpose that we all share each time the soul chooses the human experience.
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This frequency is all about revitalization, a reminder to open your chakras and let cosmic energies flow through your being.

Picture it like a refreshing breeze that rejuvenates your spirit and empowers your life.
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The 9 points that radiate with the wisdom of Higher Spirits

You know, as long as humanity has existed, we’ve looked to the stars and wondered.

Wondered about our origins and the source of Creation.
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