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Janosh Webinar: Protection

Janosh is getting back to his popular webinars. On Tuesday 15 December at 10 p.m. he will share his information about the frequency Protection. Feel free to join this webinar, in which you can enjoy the activation and connect with Janosh and other viewers through the chat.

If you are curious and you want to join, feel free to watch the next webinar Protection. It is an important frequency, especially in these sober times. We have to protect ourselves against the energies that do not spread love into the collection consciousness. We must be aware about what we allow to enter our system and what not. Just as I explained in my blog: “Before I go to bed in the evenings, first of all I lock the front door. I don’t want to have any intruders. Energetically it is the same. Guard your boundary and protect yourself.”

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Powerful online experience

With a clear message, a stunning multi-media presentation and one of his exclusive activations, Janosh comes prepared to give you a powerful online experience that will certainly stick for a while. The people who have watched his webinars in the past, know that the energy of the holograms and music can really get the energy flowing. Thousands of people worldwide have joined and many of those left wonderful comments on Facebook, telling about the magical experiences they had at home.

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