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Grand Cross # 5

Interesting times are coming. A great cosmic happening, which is called the Grand Cross, is approaching and will have a lot of influence on the energy around earth. People are predicting a total solar eclipse in the northern Atlantic Ocean on or around 21st March 2015. In the time approaching this eclipse, great planetary influences await us. Together we are going to go through a huge transformation that is meant to cleanse us from our karmic past. In the forthcoming weeks I will regularly post updates over what is happening as we approach this event, with thanks to the astrologer, Annette Kok.

Update #5 (by Annette Kok)

Strong impact Uranus square Pluto.

During the past week we have felt the strong impact between Uranus square Pluto. The tension has not only increased on a personal level but also on a global one. We are now feeling that Uranus as well as Pluto is on the same degree, which are respectively 14 degrees and 10 seconds in Aries and 14 degrees and 50 seconds in Capricorn. The exact square between Uranus and Pluto is still astrologically 40 degrees apart. When calculated in days this is 23 days, because on the 17th March then Uranus will form an exact square with Pluto.

This troubled period has been going on for a while, varying from 4 to 10 years. This really depends on the personal horoscope as well as the country horoscope. Each time when these planets are activated by other planets or astrological points in a conjunction, opposition or a square, then we can feel the effects of the square. Taking into account that the moon alone visits crucial points of the astrological Mill, or in other words a Grand Cross, four times each month, there is almost a continual impact of the square taking place.

Now that Uranus and Pluto are within the direct influence of the square, we feel that the atmosphere is becoming more erratic. In our personal lives we experience chaos, opposition, illness or confusion. Feelings of powerlessness, sadness and aggression are all playing a part. Also world events react to these tensions. Remember the attack on the cartoonists in Paris and Copenhagen. Also the football riots in Rome are aspects of the Uranus/Pluto Square.

At the end of the 1920’s beginning of the 1930’s a square occurred between Uranus and Pluto. Uranus was also in Aries at this time. An remarkable detail was that Pluto turned around 180 degrees from his current position. Pluto was in the zodiac sign Cancer. This square undoubtedly contributed to the outbreak of World War II the effects of which were felt for about 20 years. The present square will certainly affect our lives and environment for a further 20 years. The generation aspect being felt by the current situation with Uranus and Pluto has already led to crisis and recession. Feelings of frustration, submission and manipulation come to the surface. Nobody will be spared, but everyone will feel the square at a different level.

It is up to us how we react to this situation. Do we escape into the role of victimization, do we react with revolt and anger or do we break through this circle of karmic repetitiveness? We all know what the effect of the square was in the years 1920-1930. Do we want to learn from our mistakes and break through the circle? As a person we can make the different. We as a country can make a difference. We as a world can make a difference. Have we learnt from our mistakes and do we have the courage to share love with one another, compassion for our fellowman, for all living creatures and nature. Then we have to choose for tolerance, understanding. Then forbearance is necessary and the commitment to communicate with one another in a proper way. It is not without reason that the Node in Libra is on the corner of the Grand Cross. The Node (The Northern Lunar Node is an astrological point, or in other words a point of Destiny) in Libra is searching for non-violent solutions and challenges us to communicate with one another in a peaceful way. Great world leaders like Mandela and the Dalai Lama have their Mars (the planet of war) in Libra. They went and go before us in peace and tolerance.

We can all make a difference by asking ourselves at each and every deed how tolerant we are ourselves. Are we in love or do we loose ourselves in hatred. Do we repeat or breakthrough the karma.

Important planetary constellations are taking place at the end of March (see earlier updates). This is an important moment to set our intentions with the activation by Janosh. A promise to ourselves. We can heal ourselves by not allowing ourselves to be sucked into whatever negative energy there is. The highest transformation is the transformation of the soul with love. The soul in peace.

Online activation by Janosh

On the 20th of March 2015 (the day of the New Moon) Janosh will organize a webcast in which he will bring people in contact with the healing energy of the moment. The code Self Healing will be central and help you to go through this transformation process. The webcast will be in English and participation is free.

Date: 20th March 2015
Time: 23-00 (Moscow Time)

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