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The path to enlightenment brings us new challenges and experiences. With every step, we make ourselves more aware of our knowledge and strength which enables us to shape our own lives single-handedly. We learn to trust our intuition and get our answers from higher dimensions. However, the downside of this development is that it can be difficult to keep functioning.

As we look at reality differently, we also become aware of the restrictions of our three-dimensional world. At this stage it is important to keep switching. Please realise there is no point in flying high if you are not able to land properly. It is not your goal to escape from earthly life, because you have chosen to be here. This is where life happens, nowhere else, so wake yourself up if the dream lasts too long.

The frequency of Switching helps you to speed up the process of switching between the outside world and your inner experience.

In all situations I am myself.




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