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To be who you are is a mutually healing process, both for yourself and for the people around you. Where and when can you be the real you? Do you allow yourself to be who you really are? Or are there any hidden points?

To be who you really are is everyone’s dream. This has to do with speaking your truth and the fear of showing your vulnerability. Be honest with yourself and towards others. When you are honest, you give others the opportunity to be honest. Through this honesty, you create freedom, a freedom that brings you more than you have ever dreamed of. We always tend to think that we have something to lose when speaking our truth. The fact that one might win something does not often cross our minds. Release, let it go; you are unique in who you are.

The frequency of Surrender helps you to focus on your heart and your feelings. Surrender is necessary to release old patterns that prevent you from opening up your heart. Surrender makes your fear disappear.

Affirmation: I surrender to my feelings.

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