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Arcturian corridor. Step 3 – The Middle Fourth Dimension

Feeling the Flow

Dearest One,

We wish to remind you, the grounded ones, that we willingly and lovingly extend our essence ALL the way down the frequency spectrum into your third/fourth dimensional worlds. We say third/fourth dimensional, as your planet was once fourth dimensional, but the imbalance of light and dark plummeted Earth into the third dimension. Now, with the help of Her humans and cetaceans, Gaia has expanded Her frequency to once again encompass the fourth dimension.

We are here now to lead you through our Arcturian Corridor so that you my further raise your personal and planetary resonance into the fifth dimension and beyond. You and Gaia are partners who push and pull each other along the Path to Planetary Ascension. Be not afraid that you are leaving your reality, for it is only the limitations and fears that you are leaving. Feel now your connection to the physical, as well as to your spiritual world. You can no longer limit your sense of self to your small physical form and must burst free of it at the same time that you completely inhabit it.

Because you have been downloading and integrating your Multidimensional SELF into your earth vessel, you no longer perceive your earth vessel as just a body. Through your expanded consciousness and sense of SELF, you now perceive your physical body as the grounding point for your huge, multidimensional form. Your human form is your point of awareness on the physical plane, the densest portion of your true Being who expands beyond space and time. Take a long moment now to imagine your SELF as being EVERY-WHERE and EVERY-WHEN

Remain centered and calm inside your consciousness and loving and pure inside your heart. Feel also the loving purity and centered calm of the Corridor. You are one step deeper into it now, and what appeared as clouds before now looks more like a swirling, blue/violet mist. Allow your consciousness to merge with this mist, so that you can FEEL the glimmer of starlight, even before you can see it

At first the starlight is random, but as you slowly inhale and exhale the unconditional love within the Corridor, the stars begin to spiral into a circle which surrounds and embraces you

One particular star resonates to your heart. This star is your Homeworld, the reality to which your Soul feels most attached and yearns to revisit. Feel the joy of remembering your true Home

On the other hand, you may also hear an old inner darkness that still holds on even after your release in Step One. This darkness is telling you that you can’t actually be in a Corridor to the stars. “You need to stop this nonsense and go back to work,” whispers fear.

Send love to these words, for you know that they are only fear

From your position in the starry Corridor, you can see the insurmountable “problems” of your daily life as challenges that are meant to assist your grounded one to awaken. Call upon the unconditional love that fills the Corridor and send it back through the swirling stars into the problems of your everyday life

Because you have expanded your consciousness, you are aware that YOU are BOTH in the Corridor, as well as in your physical reality.

Take a long moment to see the YOU that is in the Corridor

Now, see your physical body from the YOU within the Corridor

SEE the Flow that connects YOU to each other

FEEL the Flow that connects you

Feel this flow as you go about your day.

Feel this flow as we commune with you—ALL DAY.



Dearest Earthlings,

As you Flow through your daily life, you may feel symptoms of transformation in both your Third Eye and your Crown Chakra. Not only are you using your Third Eye to perceive the Corridor, you are also allowing the powerful multidimensional light/energy of the Corridor to Flow into your Crown Chakra. Hence, your Crown Chakra is expanding to embrace more and more of it’s true frequency, while your Third Eye is opening to perceive higher and higher realities.

Because you are filling these chakras with a higher frequency light, the spin of each chakra will progress faster and faster. As each chakra increases its spin, it creates a centrifugal force that will throw off the lower frequencies in order to accept more and more of the higher frequencies. As you throw off the lower frequencies to embrace the higher, you will begin to release third dimensional concepts of separation and limitation to replace them with fifth dimensional concepts of unity and infinite potential.

Through this process of transmutation of the old into the new, you may experience symptoms of transformation. These symptoms may be felt in your Crown as a tingling or slight itch at the top of your head. You may find it difficult to concentrate on mundane tasks and find that they bore you or cause you great fatigue. This reaction to mundane tasks is because your consciousness is expanding far beyond the daily Beta Brainwave consciousness and into Alpha and Theta Wave consciousness. Hence, you desire to spend your time on Earth doing only what gives you joy and stimulates your creative mind.

With the opening of your Crown Chakra, your sleep cycles may also change, or you may find that you need much more sleep, or less. Your circadian cycles of wakefulness and sleep are shifting due to the constant stimulation of your pineal gland. You may also find that your dreams and meditations are move vivid and illumined than they have ever been before.

Your bodily symptoms of transformation from the ongoing opening of your Third Eye may be sinus headaches, dizziness, colds, postnasal drip, vision problems or difficulty with concentration. As you journey through the Arcturian Corridor, you are beginning to live in two worlds at once. The further opening of your Third Eye also increases your expanded perceptions of telepathy, empathy, intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, clairsentience, which will enhance your ability to more clearly perceive the multidimensional aspects of your ever-expanding reality.

It is important that you trust your perceptions and follow your intuitions. You may always call upon me, your Earth Mother, to ground your new life in my body as we move into the stars together.


(PS: Please take one or more days to integrate your process into both your personal and planetary bodies. In this manner, you can share your experiences with me, Gaia, so that I can you assist our planetary ascension, and amplify your process with my love and compassion.)