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Activation: Prosperity

Embark on a visual journey with the Abundant Life frequency, a sacred geometric code pulsating with the rhythm of prosperity. Each line and intersection is a harmonious note in the symphony of abundance, resonating with the cosmic frequencies of success and fulfillment. Immerse yourself in the vibrant geometry, allowing its transformative energy to guide you toward a life rich with love, success, and prosperity. Let Abundant Life be the catalyst for your personal symphony of abundance, unlocking the secrets of manifestation and drawing the wealth of the Universe into every facet of your being.
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Dear special friends,
A QUANTUM ACTIVATION, as a deep and spiritual experience.
It’s a visual meditation, based on Sacred Geometry.

It connects you with your subconsciousness.
The part that has all the answers about who you are.
See it as a tool to wake up your DNA.
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Activation: Discover the Trinity within you

Within each of us lies a sacred trinity, waiting to be unveiled.

This week, I invite you to explore and embrace your inner trinity: Love, Wisdom, and Power.
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Activation: Self-Confidence

What is an activation?

A short session in which you focus on the centre of the hologram, which is made up from geometrical patterns built up layer by layer. It is with especially composed music, in which you can quickly achieve a feeling, where you would have had to meditate for a long time. The activations are healing, inspiring and powerful. Certain knowledge or experience with meditation is unnecessary. Enjoy!


Dear special friends,
My gift for you: SHINE
A QUANTUM ACTIVATION, as a deep and spiritual experience.
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Activation: Inner Compass

The powerful activation of Inner compass helps you to better navigate to the ultimate destination in your life. Where you have been emotionally drawn to for a long time. It helps you to see the path towards your dream.
Enjoy your inner compass…
Heart to Heart,


Dear special friends,
My gift for you: SHINE
A QUANTUM ACTIVATION, as a deep and spiritual experience.
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This activation will bring out the best in you. In only a few minutes you will reach a state of being that normally would take hours of meditation. In the movie the hologram is built up from layers and by focussing on the middle both sides of the brain will be re-balanced. It will clear your mind and give you a huge energetic boost! You find it in the app.

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Webinar recording with activation TIMELINES

The Timelines Activation webinar was magical!

A close friend of mine recently told me what working with Timelines means to him.

Here’s what he said:

“Hey Janosh, I’ve been studying and exploring ways to attract and manifest for years. But this simple method of ‘timeline jumping’ has been easier, more fun, and has produced results faster than anything I’ve ever seen. I see it working in every aspect of my life. After years of struggling, now in a short amount of time I have not one but two new IDEAL clients. My cash flow has doubled within a month and I feel so much more ease. And finally, I managed to get first place for the first time EVER in a martial arts competition. Before this, it was always second place. All I did was travel to the timelines where I already had what I want. And the best part is it feels like it’s just the beginning. I’m 100% sure all your other activations have made this process even more powerful. I love the effortlessness! Thank you so much!”
– Jes

That’s the power of Timelines.

Did you missed the webinar?

No worries, you can watch the replay here:

Activation: Harmony / Concordance

How better to start in 2018 than with the brand new Activation Concordance! An amazing energy frequency, which connects different worlds with one another and brings you into contact with the ‘Bigger We’. Enjoy this session and allow yourself to be taken on a journey to your inner space for 20 minutes.
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Webinar recording with activation Recovery

We had the live webinar on the 4th of March, with the theme and activation Recovery.

Did you miss it? Or would you like to see it again?
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