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Recording of Webinar “EMBODY”

Janosh shares the Activation of Embody for the very first time. This activation helps you to embody your soul mission, and inspire you to come out of hiding and shine your light on the world around you.

Recording is available here:

Recording of Janosh Live Webinar about Communication

Recording of Janosh Live Webinar about Communication is awailable here:

In this webinar Janosh shared the Activation of Communication for the very first time. This frequency will help you to make a better connection with your body and transmit your true feelings and desires to your surroundings.
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Сакральный Переход 02.02

13 городов, 7 стран, 15 ведущих… И все это – “Сакральный Переход” в магическую дату 02.02.2021!

Синергия творит чудеса! Год назад 02.02.2020 мы запустили глобальный флешмоб, к которому присоединились около 100 участников… А потом повторили в ключевые даты… И постепенно это движение превратилось в настоящий Сакральный Марафон…

Итак, в международный день трансформационных игр, в магическую дату-портал открытия Врат Водолея мы запускаем сакральную волну!!!!
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Embody. Free webinar series

For all the creative minds, healers, lightworkers, innovators, world improvers, as well as everybody who wants to find their passion and live a fulfilling life, Janosh brings you the keys to start embodying your true purpose. In this online process you will work on the grounding of your soul’s mission. You are going from the inside to the outside: from your deepest soul longing to its embodiment.
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Live Webinar “Over-write”

Living a life that no longer suits you. You can keep trying to repair situations and make the best of things.
It is much easier to start again and to re-write your old reality.
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Live Webinar “Reunification”

This activation helps you to recognize, attract and connect with your soul family: the ones that naturally resonate with your true soul’s purpose.

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Activation Inner Compass Webinar

Watch the replay of the live webinar with Janosh. This video was recorded during the broadcast. It is not possible to use the chat function. Enjoy watching and feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience!


Recording of Free Live Webinar | Activation Transfiguration

Due to the commotion surrounding the corona virus (and all the fear it has caused), Janosh gives an extra webinar with the new activation Transfiguration. This helps to open the energy channels in the body, so that fear emotions can be released. In this time of upheaval and crisis, you will remain stronger in your feelings and therefore ‘in the eye of the storm’.

Janosh Live Webinar (English spoken)
Activatie Transfiguration.
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Let’s connect with Self Love!

Thank you for tuning in to this month’s Webinar! On this page you can watch the online session with Janosh, with the Activation Self Love. This video was uploaded on Saturday 26 March 2016.


The webinar can be watched on any device (computer/tablet/phone). Just open this page in your browser. You can also watch it here.


If you enjoyed this Webinar, we would love to know about your experience. In the chat section below, you can leave comments.

(Русский) Запись открытого вебинара “Удовлетворение”

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(Русский) Запись открытого вебинара “Изобилие”

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