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“Sacred Geometry by Janosh”. Meeting-presentations

Ancient Greek philosopher Plato would say: “Geometry leads the soul to the truth”. The same conclusion was made by Janosh when in 2003 he visualized numerous beautiful shapes and heard information about their meaning. Since then he has been traveling around the world demonstrating how Sacred Geometry works on the soul level.

Geometry is not the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of the soul. Geometry is rather associated with something rational and soulless. But only at first glance. Janosh calls geometry “the language of light”. Light is energy and everything in creation consists of energy. The Universe is built according to certain geometric laws that act on any level, take the stars in the sky or cells of our bodies.

Vibrational frequency of geometrical shapes resonates with the human subconscious. These are the keys that unlock the door to our divine nature. Sacred knowledge is hidden in the consciousness of every individual as geometry is closely connected to our body, it is stored in a cell memory. Contact with Sacred Geometry touches our souls.

During two hours’ presentation Janosh will share his knowledge of Sacred Geometry, will introduce you into the history of the subject and tell you how this sacred knowledge has been saved until now. You will get to know about philosophers who lived in the past and who knew really well about the impact geometry had on their lives and evolution of living beings. Janosh will share his secrets on how to apply Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and life transformation.

Janosh will deliver you a message received from a subtle plane about “crop circles”, their meaning and their creators.

You will also get a unique chance to join live Activation by Janosh and to plunge into energies of Sacred Geometry healing codes.

You may receive answers to the following questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?” and you will get a chance to connect with real you and touch the intimate space of your heart where inspiration and true love is being born.

Presentation is held prior to a new seminar

by Janosh called “Keys to Freedom”

(more details here…)

May, 19th, 2013 – Moscow

16.00 – 18.00

May, 28th, 2013 – St.-Petersburg

19.00 – 21.00

Registration starts: 15.00 Registration starts: 18.00
 Hotel «Milan»

Address: Shipilovskaya str. 28А

(м. Domodedovskaya)

University “LETI”:

Conference Hall

Адрес: Professor Popov’s str., 5

(entrance from Instrumental str.)

Price: 500 rub

Preliminary registration is obligatory!!!



Info phone in Moscow:

+7-925-359-60-99 Svetlana, Sergey


Info phone in St-Petersburg:

+7-981-145-98-75 Natalia


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