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Do you realise what you are creating with your thoughts?

The frequency I would like to share with you this week is Realisation. Whatever you do comes back to you. We know that it works this way, but do we actually realise this? Do you actually realise what you are creating with your intentions and thoughts?

I always emphasise to my team that we all need to stay in touch with our feelings. We shouldn’t hide personal issues but rather make it open for discussion, so it won’t interfere with our work. I argue in favour for every leader to take this approach. It is not so much the physical performance that ensures success, it’s more about the energy put into it. The latter requires a certain realisation of how our thoughts and feelings influence reality.

When I feel under the weather and I am writing something for my website, nobody will feel inspired by it. It doesn’t matter how perfect it is or how much time and effort went into it… the message just won’t get through. However, when I apply myself eagerly and enjoy the writing, the response will be enormous. This is how I have been running my business for years. I learned through trial and error to be aware of the realisation that the energy you start your day with, impacts everything you encounter during the course of the day.

A few weeks ago something happened which illustrates how this works. On Facebook I regularly shared photos of my pilgrimage to Santiago with a group of people. During this journey I made some fun ‘selfies’ with different backgrounds and I posted them on Facebook for no particular reason. There was no hidden message. It was purely because I wanted to share my feelings. I felt enthusiastic about the things I encountered along the way and the immediate response to my photos and messages where equally enthusiastic in the amount ‘likes’ and comments. The same goes for the videos I am recording right now for Keys to your Calling, the online workshop which is currently in progress. The participants feel inspired by the things I share with them. It isn’t all perfect, but it touches the heart and that’s what matters. There is the realisation that when I put the right kind of energy into the things I say and do, I will automatically get the response I am looking for.

Someone once said: “Perfection is the enemy of good”. When you work on something for too long and keep adjusting things, it will interrupt the flow of energy. It reduces the impact of your message. That’s what the frequency of Realisation wants to tell you: don’t complicate things. Instead of thinking about what you want to achieve with your creation, think about how strong your enthusiasm feels at the time of creation. I call it the resonance factor. The higher the vibration of feelings and thoughts, the more energy you give to your expressions. If you have no inspiration or when you’re not in the mood to send something into the world, just don’t do it! Wait for a better time or create a situation that makes you feel happy.

Use the frequency of Realisation to have some fun. Experiment and remember to enjoy the process!

Heart to heart,




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