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Janosh Blog: Perfection

Sometimes people ask me how I make the holograms and what is exactly behind them. If I then honestly say that I design everything layer by layer myself, the majority of people are surprised. ‘Do you use a ruler or something?’ Does the computer calculate everything out for you?’ In both cases the answer is: no. I design everything myself; each point, each detail. As I am actually working I don’t experience it that way. When I begin to ‘see’ a new hologram, I feel myself ascending into certain energy and then everything happens automatically. I often don’t know how long I have actually been busy. Sometimes it’s half an hour, sometimes a whole day. And what’s funny is: I always feel when it’s finished. There is no doubt whatsoever. Moving bits and pieces until it ‘looks’ beautiful it not part of this process. It is pure attunement and when it’s ready, it’s done.

What I feel during the designing, is that as a person you have a feeling of unawareness about perfection when it’s all about proportions and measurements. It’s just as if you have a sort of ‘internal memory’ to create forms according to the language of geometry. This memory tells you when something does not resonate with the geometric. Then it looks out of balance. The relationship is not exactly complete and many people translate this with the perception that something is ‘ugly’ or ‘unnatural’. This is because at a deeper level we all ‘know’ how the architecture of the universe is made up. Geometry is a language that is in all of us!

Because I am going to start work tomorrow with a group of therapists on the subject of Sacred Geometry, I thought it would be nice to get into the mood and share something about this. When I stand in front of the public in one of my presentations, the story about the Golden Ratio (also known as the Greek Phi) always comes back in my stories. I find it an intriguing subject, that something so ancient is the absolute guide for beauty, perfection and godliness. The Golden Ratio appears everywhere in the universe, the distance between planets and stars right up to the molecules in our DNA. Even our physical body has been perfectly created according to the Golden Ratio. In a certain way you could say that you are I ARE geometry. And that is the reason why we have feelings of recognition when we are close to any geometric forms.

Have you really looked all around you when you enter a cathedral? How perfectly everything is attuned to one another? How precisely every single detail is connected to the whole? Have you ever paid attention to how you react to the energy in such a cathedral? How calm you become within if you just close your eyes for a second? It is just as if you step into a field of harmony where you literally make contact with godliness. Cathedrals were often built on places of energetic power and with a careful reference to the exact numbers, geometry and the right measurements. Even today we can still feel the effects.

What I have often asked myself is how could these people all those centuries ago (without the help of technique, computers and advanced measuring instruments) be able to create such amazing things that are exactly geometrical right down to the last detail. Just imagine how that must have been. Enormous amounts of people who took many years to work on a building to achieve such a result. How easy would it have been to make a mistake somewhere? Just one stone too little or a pillar in the wrong place. But you feel that such mistakes have not been made. It is just right. Everything is exactly in the right place.

Look outside right now, such a similar ratio is quite hard to find. What modern people usually make today is often short lived. Just look at any building in your area. Perhaps it is a lovely building, but something is missing. Isn’t it? It does not radiate anything, which is particularly godly. Probably the spot was chosen just because there was an empty space. The developer saw an opportunity and gave an architect the commission to design a modern building. There is no reference to a place of energetic power with a special energy,

And so in these times, the majority of buildings are placed from proportion. There is little space for feeling. I think it’s quite amusing to see that even with our advanced techniques we are not able to reproduce what our forefathers left behind. It says that we have forgotten how powerful our subconscious is and that we no longer place any trust in it. We put more faith in the tools than in ourselves. Perhaps we may have gathered more toys and gadgets around ourselves, but the best tool, Sacred Geometry (that speaks through our feelings and intuition) is not taken into account anymore.

If you want to create something yourself, then you should ask yourself if you have the right ‘tools’ at your disposal, then first of all connect with your feeling. Forget just for a moment that you don’t have the latest software or that first of all you have to read all sort of books or follow a number of courses. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by all the commercials in which they supposedly portray the best methods to enable you to reach an amazing result. The result, that’s you!

Trust that you are absolutely aware of what is beautiful and what is not. You don’t need to learn anything for that. Even I have discovered over the years, the more natural the way your creation process goes is when you release everything. Forget the rules. Forget everything that you have taught yourself. The language is already in your system. You only need to remember.

If you look outside, then what do you see that is ‘beautiful’?

From heart to heart



Elena Bushueva



Великая благодарность


У меня тоже так! Спасибо большое!


Благодарю !

Gulnara Mironenko

спасибо, такое тоже бывает. нарисуешь все чувствуешь законченно, но ум начинает вмешиваться.

Marina Stefanishina

Спасибо, все созвучно и откликается от сердца к сердцу.

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