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Card I – The Defender with the emotion Persistent

What this card is telling you:

This card indicates that if for instance during a conversation when sensitive subjects arise, you quickly feel used. Everything that is said you take literally to heart. You start to defend yourself because you think the criticism is aimed at you. You are afraid to be rejected.

The Grail Code with this card:

The emotional significance of this card is: Persistent. This means that it can be difficult for you to let go of old beliefs. You clench your teeth into what previously is said or done and do not open yourself to change or a different perspective. Therefore,  this pattern repeats itself and gives you no room for a new life cycle.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to live more in the here and now. Ask yourself (especially in difficult situations) the following:

  • What do I feel now?
  • What is really meant?
  • Why do I experience things this way?

Try to take a little distance to the situation, like a spectator wondering: where am I now, how did I come here, how does that feel?  Then without any judgment about yourself or the choices you’ve made in the past, let go of that past and slowly dare to face new experiences, without any influence from the old themes of your life.

Do not experience it as a rejection if f someone turns you down, but experience it as a compliment. You have just touched that person, mirrored something, and that is where the response originates. Remember that any person, who is in balance, is enjoying him- or herself and is happy and will never judge or condemn. This is about those who judge and not about you. So do not feel rejected.