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Card III – The Recipient with its emotion Integrate

What this card is telling you:

This card tells you much about what is coming your way. Yet, with the Tetrahedron (see below for explanation) on the back of this card you will receive no presents, but mostly heavy lessons. Often the challenges in your life are not simple… That has to do with receiving life lessons, which are not applicable to you. You are a sensitive person and the emotions of others are also entering you, and therefore you are mixing them up with those of yourself, so that you are bearing the heavy weight of many lessons for others on your shoulders.

The Grail Code with this card:

The emotional significance of this card is Integrate. This means that you are to learn the difference between ‘what is mine’ and ‘what isn’t.’ You are integrating your own lesson in your own experiences. The other way around: automatically you will not receive what isn’t meant for you.

Your challenge with this card:

It is your challenge to feel if something is your emotion or that of someone else. In the latter case, let go and leave the responsibility with the other. You will try to stay more within your own energy and thus coming back to your own power. You cannot ‘save’ or ‘release’ someone else. They have to do that themselves. And moreover you cannot help another if you haven’t already helped yourself.