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Janosh’s Blog: The Arcturians over the Corona virus

Everyone is talking about the Corona virus. But who can tell me why we need it? I asked the question to my guides, the Arcturians. They came (as I know them) with a clear answer. We have to go to our own mastership. We have to take responsibility for our own lives. One sentence from the communication stayed with me: ‘step out of that humble knowledge’.

The humble knowledge

Three weeks ago, I should have been in Northern Italy, for a retreat at the Mandali Retreat Centre. Because of a simple bout of flu, I was unable to enter the country. How ironic: a ‘normal’ virus kept me away from the ‘big’ Corona virus, which is keeping people so occupied at the moment. Recovering from a temperature and a bad cold, I was lying in bed, thinking. The Corona virus: it has hardly begun, I thought. There is so much more to come. Panic, Fuss and Fear. But I think that there is something behind this: something we do not want to see. Just as if we all have a blind spot.

I asked the Arcturians the question: what can you tell me about the overruling Corona virus? This was their reply.

“It is a direct result of the ‘humble knowledge’ as we call it, that prevents you from standing in the greatness, which is so crucial for the evolution of your type. We are watching this process from a distance, but we are not allowed to intervene. It is a choice that you have to make yourself. We believe that there does not have to be an illness, but those are the restrictions of the ‘duality’ in your lives, which brings a detrimental change in your growth in consciousness. Something that we cannot correct, because it is not up to us. We are the spectators of the turmoil, which is taking place on Earth now, which will definitely reach a climax. The inhabitants of five continents will come into a quantum leap, which will offer gigantic possibilities and new techniques for self-development too. Look carefully at what you are releasing. Releasing is a part of this phase. Releasing is receiving everything.”

Janosh: Is there a frequency that will heal the Corona virus or eliminate it?

“Love. Love creates openings in your energy field. It is allowing light to enter, so that old programs can be re-written. Love brings DNA which is stuck to the surface. Love heals the experiences of your own life, as well as the karma of many generations which you are carrying with you. Love is the highest thing attainable in your dimension. Simple yet so powerful. It is a very special feeling that reveals so many truths about being a human.”

The price of humility

What touches me personally in this story, is that ‘humble knowledge’. I have a number of thoughts about this. Often, I recognize the automatic reaction to make yourself smaller than you are (where does it come from is the question?) We are good in making ourselves inferior, in the direction of the leader, a Messiah, a God and go on. In the role of the follower we know exactly how we have to behave and what our tasks are. Making yourself smaller and invisible is so much easier than the alternative: accepting your own mastership and taking your own responsibilities. Choosing for the ‘risk’ to be a free and inspired person, accepting the loneliness that sometimes is involved and therefore taking the ‘risk’ to receive criticism from your surroundings, which I do not see as criticism. It is purely the fear which is projected on you by someone else.

How much easier is it to not to accept the huge burden, that brings big responsibilities that you take for your own choices and actions, and place that with someone else? How much easier is it just to ‘adapt’ yourself and just like a robot perform your tasks? How much easier isn’t it to show your humility. Or let me say it another way: to be a slave? Humility is in our DNA, for many centuries. It is safe and accepted. But that safety has a price. We sacrifice our creative power and in this way our growth in consciousness. We remain in the ‘not knowing’ and the blind acceptance of truths which are often not truths at all. Why not begin first of all by yourself with: what do I feel? How do I experience this? What does my own intuition tell me? What can I do to change something in this situation?

Fearful patterns come to the surface

Now that the Corona crisis is beginning to take serious forms, I feel fear. I was not prepared for this, but at the same time, the images from the TV touch me. The confusion by people and the powerlessness of companies that suddenly go under. That touches me. I can feel the fear and I often ask myself: where is all this going?

I asked the Arcturians why this development is having such a huge impact on us…

“Fearful patterns come to the surface and are directly visible. There is more clarity about what you do and do not want. When your mortality in your body is directly spoken to, then humans go back to their original blueprint, the general knowledge about nature, cylindrical processes in the universe and the connection with the elements. It is a natural transfiguration through this illness that will give place to a deep healing.”

With the word ‘transfiguration’ I nearly shot out of bed. This was one of my first codes! I felt it immediately: it is time to use this right now. Even though it was 2004 when Transfiguration came to me. But that is often the mysterious and sometimes confusing ways of channeling: the Arcturians do not understand time or space. They live in a different (higher) vibration. They are not ‘restricted’ by the laws of 3D. My communication with them is not based on a logical timeline, so that I receive exactly what I need at the right time. Some of their codes are far ahead of time. Transfiguration is one of them.


Transfiguration means something along the lines of a change in appearance. It is really all about a physical renewal. Not from the outside but at cellular level. In the Bible it means the visual appearance of Jesus, who underwent a transformation on Mount Tabor, to show his disciples his divine powers. Translated to ourselves, I see it is as the outbreak of a deep, overriding consciousness. It is transforming yourself from the inside. Releasing yourself from frequencies of fear, that pollute our system every day and make us feel panic and lead to outrageousness.

The code Transfiguration helps you to open your energetic channels, to allow more light to enter. Light which will give you more inspiration and joy and allow old pain to disappear. In this way you are able to ‘sit’ better in your body. It is climbing your own ‘Mount Tabor’ to show the world who you really are.

Intrigued how that feels? I have planned an extra webinar (on Friday March 20th) in which I will share for the first time the activation (image and music) of Transfiguration. You can take part for free if you (just like me) want to be strong both in body and mind in these turbulent times. Then just enroll!

Enroll here and register for free…



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