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Janosh Column “Limitlessness”

For those of you who are familiar with my work, know that each hologram has a special effect on a part of our sub consciousness. I call these codes, because they help you to decipher hidden knowledge within yourself. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, in other words: an energetic vibration, which resonates with our feelings. In my columns I write about my experiences when I receive these frequencies. I usually talk about the ones, which are the strongest at this moment and give my opinion about our development in this topic.


What I am doing at the moment, is a feeling that is difficult to describe. It’s a deep desire that wants to surface, but is hard to frame. I would not even call it an emotion, because it goes farther than that. I can see that the reality I am used to is crumbling away and a new world is being revealed. Communication at soul level is a normal exchange, whilst I am letting go of the role of being hu-man. I have experienced a lotin the recent years, seen a lot happen, but this is new for me. The feeling as if you can do nothing more than make a heart connection.

Yesterday I had an exciting day. I was going to give a business presentation in Moscow where I was going to be thrown before the lions. The participants were not minor people in the business world. On the contrary they were all managers at the highest level; very competent as leaders and successful in their occupation. On the other hand not people who are uninterested in spiritualism, because most of them were invited by a medium that has represented me for a short time. You can well imagine that I was really looking forward to this, but the evening before when I was making the final preparations in my hotel room, I came face to face with myself. I felt an emotion, which confused me. I was really looking forward to this presentation – this business approach is a new challenge for me – my childish enthusiasm went right down to nothing. Suddenly I could not concentrate, I reverted into myself and I became very nervous. This never happens because I am always looking forward to exploring a new area, but it felt as though the ground was falling away under my feet. Normally I am able to help others come into their power, and now I had to sort myself out. Working on the presentation did not bring results, because I felt that it was perfect as it was. I had to start searching somewhere else, not outside myself but within.

Never anything more different

Beforehand I had a strong feeling that the business presentation would be a success despite my downfall the evening before, I stood 24 hours later grinning with all the managers on a photo. The result was amazing but the journey there even more so. I experienced something that gave me enormous power and confidence and an even stronger belief in the way and myself. It was the realization that contact with the exterior is no longer possible, because the soul has more and more desires. She comes forth, gets more and more space, until you reach the point that she will not allow herself to be caged any longer. I compare this with the idea that you eat a meatball every night and then one day you a served a juicy piece of the best steak. Once you have tasted it you never want anything else.

In hindsight I had to laugh. There you are standing in front of a new challenge and again I choose for a salt less meatball! In all the preparations I forgot to make contact with the souls, because I was only looking at the picture of a strong group of people in three piece suits. Success in live form with a radiance that says: “Tell me about it!” Thankfully I was able to turn it around and I instantly knew that I wanted to share this experience in my column. It is an important aspect that can help maintain our spiritual growth instead of slowing down the journey. The pitfall that most people make in a leap in consciousness is the fact that everything should be a “process”. We re-chew our insights, re-live our dramas, and attend more and more workshops to convert something, whilst we do nothing about our inner desires. And that desire is not as strange as we think, because we all have a longing for the same thing. Yesterday I was really impressed by the answers I received when I asked the managers about their greatest desires. They were all looking for love and harmony. And yet again I realized that we are all the same, and this has strengthened my desire for pure contact. I just want pureness and no theatre, because when the game has been played, the mask is no longer interesting.

A look behind the wall

One thing that I have noticed during recent sessions is that I no longer have to tell people that I can see blockages. People go round in circles and postpone growth, nothing more. In this way they stick to fixed habits that no longer serve any purpose, which remain in place because in that way they are able to curb their desires. What is wrong in following your dream, living your passion and enjoying what you do? What is wrong with love? It’s a feeling that you don’t have to label, don’t have to understand just allow in at any time. It just has to be there. Why would you want to loose yourself in an unnecessary process? Love is something beautiful and is for everyone, even in today’s hard world.

Naturally it’s different for everyone, but somewhere we all have something in common. We all have a memory that has hampered us being open to love. It’s the belief that it will eventually cause us pain. Every single person has experienced something: the feelings that you approached the world openly and at a certain moment were rejected and felt the pain in your heart. The larger the wound, the thicker the wall we built around ourselves. Because of this we have forgotten how to make contact. We are afraid, despite the fact that we feel the desire to connect with one another and from experience I can say that this is the case worldwide.

This is also the advice I want to give companies: make a connection with one another. Ensure that you are inspired and trigger each and every employee in his or her own desire. Look behind the mask, which is reluctantly put on every morning. We would not have a crisis if more and more important authorities became aware of this; how important it is to make a deeper contact. To give one another the space to share what we are doing. To no longer formerly put colleagues into “boxes”. To no longer present the consumer with screaming slogans, but to offer something, which warms the heart. Energy is absolutely the key word for the future. It not about what you know or what you have to offer anymore, but the way you present yourself. People want affiliation, the soul wants connection. You can buy a telephone or a computer anywhere, but the one thing you want to bring home is a feeling that you deserve it. With the feeling that it’s more than a deal – a look behind the wall of another soul

We’ll do it together

It is not without reason that I have the desire to bring this energy to the business world, and just the same way that its not without reason that I have postponed this for a long time. For several years I have been having discussions with managers who have attended one of my workshops and afterwards when they asked me if I could prepare something for their company, it never came to fruition. I did not understand why at the time but now I know; it was too early.Just like everything I tell and with each code that I make, I have to undergo the process myself first. I had to learn how it feels to make the connection at a business level, and what happens when that is not possible. I have often been really disappointed in people who represent me, not what they organize for me (that was always fine) but by their intention. Often money and fame surfaced as the driving force and that gave me an unpleasant feeling.

Happily the tide has turned over the past months. I have got a new team of wonderful people both in Spain and Russia, who do everything with un-measurable passion. They put their heart and soul into it and that touches me. The pureness radiates. That is why I don’t shun talking openly about what I do, what I want and what I am doing. We are all joined to one another because in our hearts we all want the same thing. We all have the desire to bring love into the world. That is what makes us tick, what gives us energy and where we all come together. I may be the one standing in the spotlight, but without the support of those in the background, my message would not be received. I really believe that. We do it together, with love and devotion. I have learnt that success does not depend on money or achievement, but grows with the process of every individual.

Open your boundaries

Finally back to the subject of this column; limitlessness. The feeling of freedom and the realization that you don’t want to go back to the old. The explanation of this code says it all, the more you grow in consciousness, the more often you will be homesick for this feeling. I want to inspire you to expand your boundaries. Step over your fear to say what you feel. Forget the idea that others have to like you. Why should you change yourself for someone who is afraid to make a real connection? Why should you make the effort for someone who does not accept you at face value? Remember that those who reject you desire freedom deep within. They just do not dare to allow this to happen. Remember that anyone who is totally in balance and who knows has no fear to be themselves, will never criticize you, because he or she will just be open to receive your love.

Don’t hide any longer, just speak your truth. Just show that you are not afraid to come from behind the wall. Everything you experience as a boundary is based on a choice you made in the past. A choice to grow; to experience. But when it’s done, it’s done. It is a waste of time and energy to get used to the old again, so let it go. Open your boundaries. Its time to live your dream and truth and to show who you really are. So I will close now and wish you, from my hotel room in Moscow, lots of inspiration!

Boundaries are choices you made, which can be changed at any time.

From heart to heart,



Светлана Сысолятина

Благодарю Янош! Мы все – есть проявление Божественных истин, которые живут в Душа каждого из нас! Блага Всем!


Благодарю, Янош!!!

Елена Бушуева


Anna Krestinina

Великолепная статья! От сердца к сердцу.

Ольга Горпинченко


Галина Стефюк

Благодарю Янош!!! Первій раз работаю свашей статьей

Фатима Салбиева

Благодарю Янош!!!

Ирина Матвеева

Глубоко, легко, доступно. Спасибо

Арина Родионова

Очень созвучно! БлагоДарю!

Irina Sikunda


Галина """"""""""

спасибо огромное


Прозрачно и понятно, будто чистой напилась чистой и освежающей водой. Бизнес составляющая – сердечность… Неожиданно, но совершенно логично. Чем еще можно зацепить клиента?

Anna Boychuk




Римма Шальнева

Янош !!! Сердечно благодарю Вас за ваши коды-голограммы и за проводимые активации.За вашу безусловную Любовь к миру и человечеству.Света,Любви и Гармонии!!!

Nonna Leshkovich

О, какое близкое состояние…я думала . что одна это преживаю. Благодарю . Янош ! Ты Большой Друг и Брат !

Тамара Сизова

Янош, благодарю сердечно. Вам удается создавать образы таких чувств и состояний как Любовь, Гармония, Безграничность…И как тонко Вы чувствуете и, главное, можете описать, те процессы, которые с нами происходят.

Ольга Рябчун

Благодарю! Спасибо Вам и Яношу и его группе за возможность не просто видеть коды, а и “слышать” голос души. Огромнейшее спасибо за, то что делитесь вашими опытами!

Nadezhda Leznova



БЛАГОДАРЮ Яноша и его команду!

Татьяна Чернова

БлагоДарю сердечно!!!!! Очень во- время пришла ко мне эта информация!!!!(:smile:)

Ольга Курилова

Спасибо! Очень вдохновляющая статья!



Светлана Н.Германия

Благодарю !!!Пришло время раздвинуть границы!!!

галина милько

Чувствую Вашу энергию и спасибо за поддержку! Мне помогают эти энергии!

Светлана Дайнова


Лукьяненко Анастасия

Приятно понимать и чувствовать, что ты не одна творишь свою реальность и развиваешь бизнес Энергиями Любви, мы все соединены…


Я прочитала про себя…Спасибо!!!


Как вовремя! Благодарю Вас, Янош, и всю Вашу прекрасную светлую команду! 🙂
С любовью и уважением!

Ирина Захарова

Как вовремя! Это те слова, которые мне сейчас объяснили мое состояние! БЛАГО ДАРЮ, Вас Янош и вашу чудесную команду!!!!!


Как важно в бизнесе помочь людям испытывать добрые чувства по отношению к покупке и к самим себе.Благодарю Вас Янош и всю вашу команду в том ,что вы несете людям для нашего единения.С любовью и уважением.

Марина Бармина






Наталья Демирова

Спасибо, Янош!!!!

Анжелика Шуберт

Вот если б выйти за пределы всех ограничений,
переместиться через линии времён
(издалека бросая взгляд на нерешённые проблемы,
в которых опустивший руки был бы побеждён)
и вырваться из прежних старых состояний,
не побоявшись с ними встретиться лицом к лицу,
взглянуть в глубины сердца без чужих влияний
(всегда это подвластно было святому или мудрецу),
открытым сердцем истину принять –
раскрылись бы тогда первопричины пред глазами –
эти энергии в Любви бы научиться растворять
светлыми намерениями с добрыми словами;
поднявшись над иллюзией ограничений ввысь,
блоки убрать для наивысших самовыражений
и прошлое безоговорочно простить,
парить в свободе, в эйфории от освобождений!



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