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Column: Self Healing

Those of you who know my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden information within yourself. Every code contains information of a certain frequency, or to be more specific, a vibrational energy which resonates with our senses. In my columns, connected to the latest codes, I describe my experience connected to these frequencies. Every month I take on a code that is most prominent at the time and I share my opinion on our development within this theme.

Self Healing

So here comes another one: Self Healing. Another code that I was unprepared for! I do not particularly like to repeat things, but I cannot say anything else other than I didn’t find it that easy to pick up this frequency. I had to put the code to one side to prevent myself from becoming dizzy with all the colors and the lines. Subconsciously this was  my saboteur, who was screaming: ‘Stop right now! This is far too complicated!’ I became distracted and stuck and then the thought came up that this code is not right. I sat there thinking, but experience has taught me that I really have to carry on. It is not the code, which is wrong, something is wrong with me.

It is quite strange to have so much desire that you feel that you have to create something – because I feel the pressure and I have to get going – but at the same time experience so much tension and resistance. I have felt this before and this was almost always because I felt that I needed to take the time to tune in properly to the frequency. More than likely it’s difficult for you to imagine how this feels, but how it often works is that I feel very hyperactive for several days and I know that I just have to sit in front of my computer and make a code, but at the same time I am doing everything I possibly can to think of how to put it off. Not just because I feel resistance to the code itself, but for the process which you receive as well. Again and again a push towards the psychological boundaries of freedom. Sometimes it drives you mad, all the impulses, emotions and all those difficult questions itching in your head! Do I dare to be vulnerable? Do I dare to share my information, purely just as it is? Or should I keep it to myself? Do I keep in touch with what I feel or should I do what is expected of me? Do I show courage or do I adapt myself? And if I go ahead am I strong enough to accept any criticism?

Cleansing of karma

The right answers are of course quite logical, but with Self Healing I felt the urge to shut myself off away for a while. And of course I got what I signed up for, because once the code was finished, I succumbed to a heavy dose of influenza. Great… a whole week away from everything, shut off between four walls, alone by myself with my own thoughts. It was not very nice, but looking back I can see the humor: making a code with the title Self Healing and then five days in bed with a fever. It was a good test for me and I have not had such a bad bout of flu for a long time, in fact I am not often ill at all. There was clearly a connection between the code, which had more to say to me than, just a bad dose of flu. What happened before that?

Over the past few months I have received more and more information about our evolution, that is just about to reach a climax, or should I say a turning point. People, who have been following me over the past few months, have heard more about this, because I am sharing a lot about it. Around 2012 a process has begun of a huge energetical cleansing of karma. For centuries we have been living in the energy of duality and competition and in the battle with one another we have received quite a number of injuries, which now need to be healed. That has to happen because we need to let go of our fear of rejection, so that we can create more space for connection. Even though the prevailing energy around the earth is creating the opportunity to do this, it does not mean that the old learnt patterns of behavior just disappear. It feels just as if a big conflict is taking place, the well-known conflict between the mind and the heart. The mind wants to keep hold of the situation, hold on what it has learnt whilst the heart is wanting to free itself. As long as this battle continues, then personal processes keep repeating. We still do not believe that we have the choice to be free and happy and remain stuck in our addiction to drama, competition and duality.

With all the new flows of information, I saw comparisons with astrology. It was just as if I was being drawn to this and in fact you can think: everything comes from the same source, so in the end we are all collecting pieces of the same puzzle. But until we have brought heaven and earth into one, we have to accept that we are all operating from our own individual islands so I thought it was a good idea to go to another island and see if I could make more sense of this information. Actually I have been doing this for quite a while, because I have been following the Mayan calendar leading up to the 21st December 2012 by organizing activations on specific days. So the link to astrology is not so illogical. I had the feeling that I needed to do more, especially after I read about important astrological events, like the square between Uranus and Pluto and the Grand Cross.

The Grand Cross

In the past there have certainly been dates when I could have done something, but it did not feel pure. I did not get any signs. This all changed during the making of Self Healing. I must and I have to bring astrology into the picture and that is exactly what I did (but this time in harmony with the code). What I understand from the Arcturians is that every person has their own astrological rhythm. Releasing karma is in exactly the same rhythm, which fits into our own process. From an astrological point of view you can decide that something is going to happen on a certain date, but the direct effect on mankind is separate from that. The way in which people react to the prevailing frequencies will be personally different for everyone. One person is much more sensitive than another and we all have different parts of our own karma to process.

According to the Arcturians, there will be moments when the frequencies begin to touch everyone. Then a change will actually be felt that brings movement into the mass consciousness. See it like a climax of a number of transformational turning points in the magnetic field around the earth. Suddenly it all comes together and a movement occurs. 20-21 March 2015 is such a moment. It cannot be coupled to just one astrological happening, because there are more. It is the result of a series. At that actual moment we will be able to move with the new frequencies and energetically take up speed. This is going to happen a few times this year. This is a process that will keep moving until 2018.

The Grand Cross Activation is the beginning for me and from then on I will make more of these dates. By taking part in the activation with many people at the same moment, the energy will be felt much more. My intention is to share this with as many people as possible with a Webcast on the 20th March, so that together we can form an energetic network to give our united growth a big shove!

The final sprint

In order to realize my intention, I also received a challenge: do I follow my heart or do I do what is expected of me? According to the Arcturians during the final sprint of duality and competition, even more truths will be shouted out aloud. Under the pressure of change, people will want to manifest their ego even stronger, which means that much criticism and assertism can be expected. Because we want to be heard. We want to be right. We want to make others aware of their ‘mistakes’, because in the end we profit from that as well.

Last week my own ‘mistakes’ were constantly corrected in red. When I made my plans known about the Grand Cross Activation on the 20th March I received a lot of reactions. From the whole world in fact, some with respectful questions, the majority with a judgment. Because I was not right; the dates were wrong; the interpretation was incorrect; the eclipse would occur days before and so on and so on. This is when my own process became clear, because it is a test. Would I pay attention to this as I used to in the past? Should I start a discussion to prove my point? Would I make myself uncertain by what others had to say? Or do I follow my own heart?

Now I can be quite concise about this: I do not feel attacked and I do not feel the need to claim my own truth. I am not going to explain myself, because I have the same choice as everyone to step out of the frequency of duality and competition and just follow my heart. And everyone can feel for himself or herself if my information resonates with them or not. It’s as simple as that. I am really looking forward to the 20th and 21st March, because I feel that the activation is going to make something happen. The frequencies are all about this and I have decided that I am going to make the most out of it. Even if we have criticism of one another, we are all in the same process and sorry: that process has side effects. What I have to offer you is the shortest way. Nothing more and nothing less. Self Healing helps you to quickly release your own karma, so that you are well prepared and strong and ready for the transformation of the mass consciousness.

There is nothing to prove, nothing to sign. What I am sharing is my feeling. A wonderful feeling in which I feel like a small cheeky child waiting for all the attractions in a theme park, beginning with the rollercoaster on the 20th March. I hope that you are there too. Follow your heart that is the message in this column. What ever anyone thinks or says: follow your heart.

Where people make ‘mistakes’ boundaries are extended.

From heart to heart,





Sofia Berenshtein

БЛАГО ДАРЮ ! очень созвучно и жду 20.03 БЛАГО ДАРЮ, Янош!

Юлия Беликова

Огромное благодарю за искренность и открытость!!!


Блаодарю вас за то, что вы есть, за то, что вы делитесь с нами ,за то чуство счастья-после общения с вами, с вашими работами…. DANKESCHÖN!!!!!


Благодарю! Все круто!С любовью(:joy:)

Svetlana Vdoveva

Мои приветствия всем! У меня получается в назначенное время дня активаций,только вход на страницу,и тишина.Верю,что на “Большом Кресте”,я ещё и поучаствовать смогу.Благодарю Яноша и его команду.за плодотворный труд.


Янош!и вся команда!Благодарю!Буду с вами 20 марта!от сердца к сердцу!

Людмила Захарчук

Благодарю Яноша и всю его команду! До встречи на Вебинаре 20 марта 2015!!!




Благодарю за статью и за приглашение на участие 20 марта, тем более что 21 у меня день рождения и я хочу быть в курсе всех событий. Внутренних проблем и противоречий как у всех много. Очень хочу очищать карму. Следуй прежде всего зову своего сердца – мне нравиться такой подход!



Olga Vetoshkina




Lipnyova Lilia






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