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Janosh Column “Christ Consciousness”

Those of you, who are familiar with my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher the hidden knowledge within yourself. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, or in other words: an energetic vibration, which connects to our feelings. In my columns I describe my experiences that relate to receiving these codes. Regularly I talk about the one, which is strongest at this moment and I give my opinion about the developments on this theme.

You are on course towards your dream!

For months now something has been bubbling inside me. Perhaps you recognize this: a sort of cropped up feeling of discontent, but you cannot put your finger on what it’s all about. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing but you really want to do everything differently, but why? You are on course towards your dream! You know it, you feel it. Where is this feeling of restlessness coming from, which I can only compare to being shut up in a very small room. I often asked myself what on earth is the matter, until I came into contact with the code Ultimate Return. I received this code in 2009 and it was a jewel. Geometrically very clear but so different from the rest. To me it seemed connected to the Mayan prophecy in 2012, but since we have passed this moment, I have never reconnected again… until now.

The funny this is that I have never written a column about it, even though it’s about such an important energy. The readers, who have been following me for a while, know that I use the latest codes as inspiration for my columns, but I don’t do this all the time. If it’s right, it’s right. But as you can see by the title: Ultimate Return has not become the theme. Before I began on this column, there was something waiting for me.

‘Logical’ connections

My restlessness started a few months ago. I did not know why but it seemed as if everything in my surroundings began to irritate me. I had a very short fuse, and people all around me noticed this for sure! Often, I respectfully shut myself away in the peace and quiet to calm myself down and to create a peaceful summary, and even though that always worked in the past, now it only gave me more frustration. Something was pushing me, but what? I could not get a grip on it and the confrontation with myself got bigger and bigger. It was just as if my soul was looking for a hole to escape through. Where was this feeling coming from? And more important: how could I get rid of it?

It took a while before the storm subsided and then a week later it all began again: irritation, stubbornness, nervous, feeling out of sorts. And as always it did not take long before my rational thinking took over and all sorts of ‘logical’ connections were there. It’s quite funny how far this can go, how much you can pressure yourself to get a grip on things (read: make a fool of yourself). How you get to the thought of ‘not enough sleep’ by the feeling that your family and friends are working against you. I often hear such figments of imagination during sessions and I have to be aware that I don’t hold on to such complicated complots. Happily this was only temporary and it went away by itself … until a week later the ‘contractions’ began again. And the whole process felt like this: that a birth was imminent.

Our real potential

How closer I got to Easter, the stronger the contractions seemed to become. There was less time in between and every time I was projected from the one extreme into another: was intensely happy and full of energy then tense and irritable. I looked for answers, but really I knew what the matter was (I refused to listen to my feelings). These are not my emotions. It is a certain frequency that I pick up, one that forces me to get behind my desk in front of my computer and make a new code. It doesn’t often happen this way, but seeing that I felt as if something was going to happen, I had to do something about it. But I preferred to allow myself to be mislead by all sorts of excuses, because ‘there is so much to do!’ So many emails, so many appointments, so many deadlines. I had all sorts of excuses to account for the reason why I couldn’t begin on a new code, even though I did not need any. There was no one in my way, apart from myself.

A week before Easter there was no going back. Something had to happen because I felt as if I was about to explode! I could not enjoy anything for a moment and the feeling kept coming up that I had to get going. It was far too busy in my head and this has nothing to do with deadlines. It was clearly something that I did not want to give in to: a new code. Even in my dreams I received all sorts of messages that reminded me that I needed to go and create, but I did not know why, but the new energy was all to do with Jesus. Not particularly Him as a person, more about what he represented. For what He had done. Jesus showed himself to be a magician and showed us the real potential for mankind, something that I call (and many others like me) the Christ Consciousness. This is mankind in its purest form: healed, cleansed, completely awake and back to its original power. I say ‘back’, because it is something that we have lost over the centuries. The miracle that you are hoping or looking for, that is you: a soul that is capable of doing things beyond the limits of reality. I can feel that we are all on the way, because in my opinion we only use a small part of our true potential, even though we are getting closer to the source.

Nevertheless we always have the feeling of needing confirmation. Fixing on the materialistic and the opinion of the outside world keep us small and even if we get confirmation of our magic within, then we don’t believe it. I see this often with the people who follow the training to become Energetic Therapists with me. By the time we get to the first exercises they are speechless about what they can see and feel and as such: believing does not occur. Later of course it does, but I am often surprised how some people constantly bring themselves down. Or they ignore their intuition, often because they are afraid to say so. Why can’t we admit how special we are? That you have a gift? That the world needs you? There is nothing wrong with that? It ‘s what the Christ Consciousness is all about: being able to see your own greatness.

The final contractions

With this message I got to work and quickly decided to take this information into the theaters (see diary). Within a day I had two separate dates and I could prepare myself for the start of this new energy. What a wonderful feeling to be going somewhere! And after all that restlessness. I was not sure I completely understood but I was really happy.

Until the final contractions came. The birth was imminent. Why am I saying it like this, is because I can now feel where this was leading. It was Easter Monday when I brought Ultimate Return back with activation because I felt that it fitted so well into the message of the day – the ascension of Jesus after his crucifixion. But the real message of the code hit me when I stood face to face with the group. I suddenly started to tell everyone about Easter and I felt at that moment that something was given to me. And as my friend Saie said:

‘A new energy has begun at Easter and will reign in the coming times. It is the ultimate return of your soul in its authentic form, or in other words: the rebirth of the soul. This process has side effects. If you experience bouts of fear, pain or unrest, know that these are the last contractions before you make a leap into the Christ Consciousness. Once you are within you will awaken at a deeper level and your true spirit will come to the surface. because you are the true gifts of a master.’

When everyone had gone home, I rushed straight upstairs to begin with my new plan. It was just the right moment and I worked until deep into the night to put my new ideas into form. The only thing I still had to do was make the new code and I felt it right away: this is going to be a huge project. I had not pushed it to one side for so long without reason because it is a strong energy. It is an explosion of patterns! It took a while before I was ready but finally I succumbed and gave in. I shut myself away, went and sat down and tuned into the Arcturians (from whom I receive the codes). The first few forms were quite clear but when I got to the point of following through, I suddenly collapsed. There was no flow anymore and I thought that was strange. Finally I had made time and pushed everything to one side and suddenly it had all stopped. Just like that! I thought about closing down the screen, but when I made contact with the energy again, I was sure that I did not have to give up. A birth does not happen without discomfort and I had to carry on. In hindsight I can tell you: I have not often gone that deep before. I have never had to recover from the energy, which went all around me, but I can forecast one thing; in the theatre you are going to experience something really big. I am convinced about that!

Use this moment’s energy. Let go of the past and make space so that your soul can come forth. Persevere when you feel that things are getting in the way, because you are striving for a turning point. Believe that you are special. Believe in miracles! Don’t judge your surroundings, because we are all on the way together; everyone in their own way. Together we have one purpose and that is to be who we really are. Without a mask, without behavior and without criticism of one another. Then there will be love and abundance for everyone and we can all enjoy the new world, in which we the magicians of the past no longer need to be worshipped, but can be used as mirrors for our own soul.

Those who seek greatness get stuck. Those who live, grow further.

From heart to heart,




БлагоДарю! Откликнулось каждое слово, всё описанное очень-очень близко…

Валерий Фоменко

БлагоДарю с подтверждением аналогичного!Очень вовремя!

Ольга Горпинченко


Елена Гребенюк

Благодарю! От Сердца к сердцу!



Виктор Кузьмин

Да пребудет с вами сила!

Людмила Яковлева

Благодарю,Янош за подтверждения моих ощущений и за щедрость !!!


Благодарю всех тех,БлагоДаря кому появилась эта статья и я смогла её прочитать на русском языке!!!Да будет так!!!


ЯНОШ БЛАГОДАРЮ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Так долго, так долго, так бесконечно долго я шла к осознанию своего Величия;
так долго не верила, не могла принять, не могла привыкнуть к едва улавливаемому ощущению всегда присущей мне силы. Силы не подавляющей, не унижающей, не отбирающей шанс.Но всегда поддерживающей, вдохновляющей, такой тёплой, такой живой и искрящейся…БлагоДарю себя Пробуждённую!

Людмила Бурдина

Благодарю Янош!!!

Lev Pavlov

Можете подсказать как соединятся с кодом .
Что то я не могу понять или я что то пропустил подскажите
Я не совсем понимаю картинки обозначения и как их толковать..

Ольга Килина


Светлана Феофанова

Янош. благодарю за правду и ваши открытия. Мой Божественный друг уже сказал о моём предназначении, а я всё ещё не считаюсь с этим “величием”!


Благодарю и люблю!


Янош, благодарю за откровения!

Анна Бойчук

Янош,благодарю за Ваше творчество, за тот Свет,проводником которого Вы являетесь(:smile:)

Марина Бармина



Огромное спасибо Вам, Янош, за Ваш труд. Желаю Вам крепкого здоровья и вдохновения.

Olga Vetoshkina


Наталья Кириченко

(:smile:)Благо дарю!


Спасибо за Ваш труд.

Светлана Котова

Благодарю! я это чувствую…))

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